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Nice name, very simple. I wouldn't give that name to my child though, it sounds way too imature and nerdy like a boy who never baths or takes showers.
-- kikiola  6/1/2006
Tomi means "wealth", "richness" in Japanese. Great!
-- pocho-mole  6/20/2006
Mr Lordi's real name is Tomi Putaansuu. Mr Lordi is from the Finnish band Lordi (winners of this year's Eurovision).
-- llama princess  8/29/2006
It's also used in Slovenia.
-- earthnut  6/30/2007
Also Croatian. Nickname for Tomislav.
-- enchy  3/24/2009
Also used in Wales. [noted -ed]
-- Pie  7/19/2011
I know a guy called Thomas who shortens it to Tomi. I think it looks nicer and more mature than Tommy, but still sounds cool and exotic.
-- IsolationHedge  4/1/2015
Tomi Lahren is an American female alt-right political commentator for TheBlaze.
-- S-Genesis  2/25/2017

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