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Naming your child Treasure is a very tacky mistake. Please, don't do it.
puella_blu  6/1/2006
Unlike my strict, straightforward opinions on names like Unique, Flower, Diamond, and Princess - this name, for some reason sounds mysterious and is thankfully underused! I LOVE this name! But please, please don't ruin its charm by putting it back on the popularity charts - I'm telling you now! In ten years we may all regret it!
Starla-Marie_1993  7/15/2006
I tend to agree with Puella here. This name ranks in with the Happys, Blossoms, Precious', Babys, and Nevaehs on the scale of tackiness. While this may be appropriate for a middle name, I would say that this as a first name it would be terrible.
Pheadirean  1/11/2007
Just because you think that your daughter is a Treasure, that does not mean that you should burden her with this tacky name.
gaelruadh19  1/25/2007
In Jacqueline Wilson's book Secrets the main character is called Treasure and she's nothing at all like a girly girl, yet she suits her name. Treasure seems to me a very old name, for I only know nice old ladies called it. :) It's not tacky! Think about it, how many names do people like that mean "treasure" or "princess" or something? So for example if you like a name that means princess in, say Sanskrit, do you think all the people who speak that language are going to look at you funny? No! I really like this name.
― Anonymous User  3/1/2007
I know of no one who would ever consider naming their child this.
Rama  6/15/2007
This name seems very tacky and weird.
joanie2007  7/31/2007
What? Treasure isn't even a real name. Your child will be better off with another name that's REAL!
80226_hottie  8/9/2007
Extremely tacky and corny. Totally infantile. Wouldn't most people burst out laughing if they heard a parent shout: ''Treasure! We have to go now!'' I would probably burst a vein in my head. I feel sorry for all the little girls with this name that grow up to be intelligent, ambitious people. Who will take them seriously? They'll have to change their name. And the bullying. There will be bullying, and it will be nasty.
slight night shiver  5/10/2008
I know you "treasure" your daughter, but this name is really corny.
bananarama  8/15/2008
Can you imagine both parents looking at their newborn child and the mother suggests the name "Treasure" and the father says, "Okay, let's go and bury her now."
GunsnRoses8794  11/26/2008
Sounds like the name of a stripper.
number1212  1/6/2009
It's very tacky, plus it reminds me of the English word. Please use a different name.
CharlieRob  7/26/2009
Names like this should be saved for cats and small dogs, not given to babies. It sounds so ridiculous, silly, and over the top stupid. The mother of a Treasure who appeared on Maury is doubtless indicative of the type of parents who name their daughters Treasure—trashy lowlifes with no self-awareness or aspirations to better themselves. This woman actually said she wanted her daughter to have the best things in life, like music lessons and private school. Good luck giving her those advantages in life when she's got a ridiculous moniker like Treasure! If you like the meaning of the name so much, why not use something like the Hebrew name Segulah?
Anyechka  8/24/2009
Treasure is my last name and since my first name is very common, I get called Treasure all the time.
― Anonymous User  6/2/2011
The name Treasure was given to 242 poor little girls in the US in 2012.
Oohvintage  7/16/2013
As it would so happen, this is my last name. I love it. I refuse to change my name when I marry. Though, as a first name I think this name would be less than complimentary. It just sounds too silly, like a flashy stage name that would make me laugh. Middle or last name its nice though.
― Anonymous User  10/23/2013
As someone who has the first name Treasure, and has for 16 years, I can honestly say that I love the name. I have never met anyone who has this name and when I meet new people and tell them my name they always say things like, "what a beautiful name", "how unique", or "oh wow, you must be a real Treasure". Despite the fact that I have to repeat myself a million times when someone asks my name bc they think they mis heard, and I'll never find my name on those cute bags on stores, I just really like it. (It does not sound like a stripper name btw, it's more like Beyoncé)
TreasureN  7/11/2014
So I've been reading all your comments and most of you have bashed this name. I saw in one comment that only lowlife people would name their child Treasure. Well, just a fyi, I am a college educated woman and so is my husband, and for people to say those hateful things of such a beautiful name (my daughters' name) is low to me. How could you say you would laugh at a child for their name? And say it's for an animal? People name their animals "people" names all the time, do you hate on them for that? This is just mean for adults to talk like this. GROW UP!
Yours truly,
A proud mother of a daughter named Treasure.
chelsie1  11/8/2014
I think Treasure is a unique and great name... y'all are some haters.
treasurelove1234  12/22/2014
Treasure a name I have had for 37 years. To read the comments that are negative brought back terrible childhood, adolescence and young adult memories. I have grown to love my name.
― Anonymous User  5/30/2015
Everyone named Bob to be a salesman, Judith's to be teachers. People with the name Treasure, I have been fortunate I know 4 are wonderful unique individuals that are nothing like any other name. I love my name Treasure, I am a daughter, sister, mother, wife, friend, and business woman but most of all I am a human with feelings just like any other person.
― Anonymous User  5/30/2015
Treasure is a song by Bruno Mars that reached the top 10 in the United States.
Icycoldhot  6/16/2015
I looked at the popularity chart and saw that Treasure was barely a dot. It made me happy.

Would be funny if someone named Treasure traveled back in time or something and became a pirate. Actually, I need to go write that story now.
Aliria  11/14/2015
For all you haters my name is Treasure and I love my name!
treasure2067  12/9/2015
I knew a girl named Treasure when I was kid; I always thought it was a cool name! I thought it was different but not bad. I still don't think it's a bad name.
silly_rabbit  12/12/2015
Some of your comments are tacky, not the name. It's a beautiful name! I am a business owner and an insurance agent. I have one biological daughter and 3 kids (they are siblings) that I am in the process of adopting. One of them is 5 months now, I got her at 3 weeks old. I named her Treasure because it's unique and beautiful. We are all entitled to our opinion but my God, some of your opinions are very uneducated. Someone could be naming their child Treasure because it was their great grandmother's name and you come on here bashing the name! WOW!
Akeelah21  12/26/2015
I'm very offended to hear such bad things about the wonderful word/name Treasure. I named my daughter Treazure and it was god's will for her to be here, & she is very special to me. People compliment her name all the time. They insist that she's going far with a name like Treasure.
meandmytwoo  1/28/2016
My name is Treasure and I think it is a very pretty name.
pamela231  1/29/2016
The name Treasure was given to 241 girls born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/14/2016
So a lot of people are bashing the name Treasure, saying it's not a real name or it's tacky. I have a 1 year old named Journey, which is not a "real" name but it has great meaning for my husband and I since it was a long journey for us to finally be able to conceive and bring that little princess into our lives. I am currently pregnant with another girl and I am naming her Treasure Mia cause that's exactly what she is to us. My name is very uncommon and most people have never heard of a Suranny before meeting me and that's what I love about my name. I know I won't walk in to a classroom or job and have to deal with a bunch of females with the same name as me. Just because your name is common it doesn't make it pretty.
Suranny  6/7/2017
I'm sure that most people with names like Treasure, Rainbow, Sunshine, etc are great people with wonderful capabilities and mental capacities, however my initial reaction to these names is laughter. Not exactly in a mean way (though I am immature for laughing), but because it's a bit funny to me to think of anyone with obvious word names with happy-go-lucky meanings. What if Treasure turns out to be a pain in the ass? Or what if Treasure is annoyed by the idea that they are being likened to objects instead of a full, complex person? Or what if Treasure or Rainbow or Sunshine Wynter Raisin gets teased? Personally, I would take these words and look up names with similar definitions. I'm sure there are a plethora of names in many languages that have equivalent meanings and which would be sufficiently unique.
― Anonymous User  8/21/2017

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