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This is actually a name? Geez. A girl I used to be friends with, would call me this instead of my full name, Katrina. It would drive me crazy.
― Anonymous User  10/17/2006
Cute name! Its used in my story "The Noble One" as a 15 year old Spanish girl (Trini) falls in love in with a Caucasian boy in the 60s! I love this name!
― Anonymous User  11/5/2007
The original yellow ranger from the Power Rangers.
erb816  12/14/2008
I think Trini is a really pretty name. Rare, and a little odd, but pretty. One of my friends names is Trini. Everyone pronounces it wrong, but when you pronounce it right, it's really beautiful.
bbsmileys  2/26/2010
Can also be short for Trina.
lakin5  10/17/2011

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