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This sounds like a really cute name; reminds of a pixie, since it rhymes, or a faeire.
-- Inu-chan  9/8/2005
I think it sounds like a stripper's name.
-- theresat  3/8/2006
Trixie is like Kitty, Cutie, and others that just scream HOOKER.
-- Emmasj  11/2/2006
A famous bearer of the name is Trixie Whitley, a female singer and musician, daughter of musician Chris Whitley who died last year.
-- Winter  6/25/2006
I was obsessed with this name as a kid. If other people wouldn't consider it being only a dog's name I would definitely consider using it. It sounds really cute.
-- septsweetie99  11/16/2006
There was a fictional character named Trixie Belden, who used to solve mysteries with her best friend Honey, and the rest of the Bobwhites (their club). I enjoyed reading those books, but I would definitely not name a child this.
-- bobcat_explorer  12/26/2006
The character Trixie Tang is from Fairly Oddparents.
-- blueflashlight  3/6/2007
It makes me think of a trickster. A girl named Trixie would be a trouble maker. Or maybe called so because she was tricky - like difficult. Either way it sounds negative.
-- Anonymous User  5/1/2007
Trixie is Speed Racer's girlfriend.
-- Anonymous User  5/19/2007
In the novel The Tenth Circle by Jodi Picoult, Trixie is the name of the main character.
-- Skittsie13  9/22/2007
To me, Trixie sounds so cute it's sickening. This is no way a person's name. A dog's or a cat's, but never a person's.
-- Anonymous User  3/30/2008
It could also be a nickname for Bellatrix.
-- FMRadio  4/23/2008
I think this is a cute name. I like it. I had planned on naming my daughter Beatrix, and Trixie is short for Beatrix.
-- kittykat8990912516  5/7/2008
It's a tad less tacky, trashy, and ditzy than Dixie, but not much. Name your daughter Beatrix, not this. Call her Bea. I really hate this nickname. (Okay, do what you wish, but don't expect me to respect you for it.)
-- slight night shiver  5/11/2008
It sounds like a dog name, not a human name.
-- Hushpuppy  10/27/2008
I think that this name is cute, but only as a nickname.
-- number1212  11/29/2008
Maybe it would be fine as a nickname. As a legal name, it sounds so ditzy and trashy, not to mention it makes me think of the annoying Trixie Tang from Fairly OddParents.
-- bananarama  9/7/2009
This name is kind of annoying. Plus it reminds me also of Trixie Tang from 'The Fairly OddParents'.
-- starz26  4/6/2010
One of the most "dog" names there is, along the lines of Shelby, Roxy, Baylee, and Bella.
-- Anonymous User  2/4/2013
I never liked this name. It sounds low-class. It also kinda sounds cartoony. Maybe that's because a lot of cartoons have Trixies, like Speed Racer, Fairly OddParents, and My Little Pony. Trixie also reminds me of that trashy name Dixie.
-- Lolth  7/5/2013
Trixie Lulamoon is a character in the cartoon "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic". She is an obnoxious, boastful stage magician unicorn. (A fitting name for someone who does "tricks".)
-- judgedeadd  3/20/2014
Trixie is the name of the baby in the comic strip Hi and Lois. She thinks mature thoughts, though of course she makes childish misinterpretations of things.
-- Kosta  3/6/2015
I love Trixie! It sounds spunky, fun, and pretty. Awesome nickname for Beatrix (one of my favorite names), or Bellatrix.
Trixie Norton of The Honeymooners definitely needs a mention, as well, for namesakes!
-- IEnjoyTonsOGoodNames  4/10/2015
This is my auntie's nickname, her real name being Nicole. I have no clue where the origin of the nickname Trixie came from, but I think it's a silly name and she should have stuck with Nicole.
-- Anonymous User  11/8/2015

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