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I have heard two origins for the name Tullio, which is my surname. The first is that it derived from the proto-Latin or Etruscan word "tullus", which meant a spring. The progenitor of the Clan Tullius perhaps lived by a spring.

I have also heard that it was a gesture made by the father of a new-born male child in recognition of his legitimacy.

Tullius can be found among the Latins, the most famous bearer of the name among Romans was, of course, Marcus Tullius Cicero, and also among the Volscians, whose king was Attius Tullius.

Servius Tullius was a king of the Romans.

Tullio Carminati (1894-1971) was a famous Italian actor (see "The Cardinal").

Francesco Antonio Tullio (1660-1737) of Naples wrote the libretto for Scarlatti's opera "Il Trionfo d'Onore."
Tullius  5/31/2005
Tulio is one of the main characters from Dreamworks animated movie, Road to El Dorado.
― Anonymous User  5/13/2008
TUL is Etruscan root meaning "a strong spill of water".
mariaenrica  3/12/2011
This name can also be found in its Portuguese form, Túlio, where the syllabic stress is on the "u". It is still relatively common in places such as Brazil. [noted -ed]
dreamgirl54  9/23/2012
Tullio De Mauro was an Italian linguist, a professor emeritus of general linguistics at the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Rome "La Sapienza" and an Italian politician.
cutenose  1/28/2017

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