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The name Tycho can also mean luck from the ancient Greek word tuchè which means luck or fate.
-- X-Mar  2/3/2005
I think it can also be a Dutch name. But I know it isn't Dutch in origin.
-- Anonymous User  11/22/2005
In Swedish (maybe also in Danish) the name is pronounced as "tüko". The "Y"" is closer to "EE" than to "IE".
-- Ylva  4/16/2006
The Dutch pronunciation of this name is: TEE-kho.
-- X-Mar  9/21/2006
One famous bearer is Danish astronomer, astrologer and alchemist Tycho Ottesen Brahe, 14. December 1546, Knudstrup, Denmark – 24. October, 1601, Prague.
-- MaggieSimpson  4/20/2008
In Bungie's game, Marathon, one of the three main A.I. is named Tycho.
-- MasterCheifn343  10/29/2008
Tycho is a character in the Penny Arcade comic.
-- Anonymous User  3/10/2009
Cool meaning, haha.
-- Chrila96  10/23/2010
In Greek mythology Tyche was the goddess of destiny and coincidence. By the Romans she was called Fortuna.
-- Kaat5  11/21/2010
Tycho Celchu is a character in the Star Wars: X-Wing comics and book series.
-- telfalathiel  1/20/2011
Tycho is the name of a prominent impact crater on the surface of the moon. It was named after Tycho Brahe, and its rim was the landing site of the 1968 robotic Surveyor 7 mission. Tycho has sharply defined edges, being pretty "young" for a big crater--only about 100 million years old. This makes Tycho easy to spot: It's in the southern lunar highlands and it's surrounded by smaller craters and well-known ray system (fragmented material from the original impact). Tycho's rays have been depicted on lunar maps since the mid-1600s and are up to 1500 km long.

There's another crater named "Tycho Brahe" on Mars.
-- humblebee  12/5/2011

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