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Also comes from the Latin meaning "one" or "wholeness".
anu88  12/16/2004
Una means one in Spanish and Italian.
― Anonymous User  6/25/2006
Personally, I was a bit surprised that my aunt and uncle chose this name, but the more I think about it the more I've come to really like it. Her middlename is Helmine. I love the combination!
blessed-bee  7/15/2007
Una was an important character in the book 'The Faerie Queene' by Edmund Spenser.
Cyneburga  11/27/2007
Una Flux is the name of Aeon's sister in "Aeon Flux."
canuckflame  1/2/2008
I love this name. I think it would be really cute for a little girl who has darkish hair with blue eyes.
― Anonymous User  5/21/2008
This name is beautiful! I've been in love with it all my life. It's not very common in Ireland, and I have some family members called Úna, and using this name would honour them. I love the Irish song "Úna bhán" (fair Úna). My favourite verse from it goes:
A Úna, a ainnir, a charaid, 's a dhéid órdha,
A bhéilín mealdha nár chan riamh éagcóra,
B'fhearr liom-sa bheith ar leabaidh léi 'ga síor-phógadh
'Ná mo shuidhe I bhFlaitheas I gcathaoir na Trionóide.
(It's basically saying that the the singer would prefer being with his Úna than to be God.)

I love Úna. It's short, sweet and pretty. Perfect in a three-lettered way. I much prefer this spelling to Oona or Oonagh. I'd love to use this name someday, and I recommend it to everyone!
― Anonymous User  7/8/2009
I personally am not very keen on the name Úna, as it doesn't seem so beautiful & sweet as other names. Úna is one of those names that just doesn't sound pretty or girly.
1998emma  7/23/2009
Una is the name of Tristran (Tristan in the movie) Thorne's mother in the book and movie Stardust.
Antique_Cherub  2/15/2010
I prefer the name when pronounced "YOO-nə", though perhaps this pronunciation is more related to the Latin derivation from Unus, "one".

This is also the pronunciation used by veteran English actress Una Stubbs (b.1937).
JJSkeete  7/29/2010
Una är ett fornsvenskt verb som betyder trivas, vara tillfreds. Det spreds troligtvis till Storbrittanien av vikingar. Källa Institutet för svensk språkvård.

[translation: Una is an ancient Swedish verb meaning enjoy, be satisfied. It probably spread to Britain by the Vikings. Source: Institute of Swedish Language Planning. -ed]
UNAUNA  12/26/2010
Spelled Una and with its Latin meaning also used in Croatia.
Sofia  1/10/2011
Pretty, delicate. Una is one of the characters in L. M. Montgomery's book "Rainbow Valley" (which I LOVE). However, her name is spelled without an accent mark.
Joy12  6/6/2011
Una is Irish for Winifred.
mageire77  11/30/2011
Short, but sweet. Like a lamb.
Black_X  5/20/2012
Una was also a character in John Steinbeck's East of Eden. She was lovely, but married an early photographer and moved to the Pacific NW where she died early.
― Anonymous User  6/13/2014
The wife of Robinson Jeffers, a famous American poet was named Una. She died in 1950.
KenniWinchester  6/3/2015
The name Una was given to 45 girls born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/13/2016
I've heard it pronounced YOO-nə.
HerculePoirot  6/13/2016
Una Meredith is Reverend Meredith's youngest child, and the least naughty of them. She has a crush on Walter Blythe, one of Anne's sons. She appears in Rainbow Valley and Rilla of Ingleside.
Kitandkat  3/24/2018
I love how gentle and sweet this name sounds. Plus, it is also simple and has good history and no embarrassing nicknames.
XironDarkstar  4/16/2018

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