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The proper transcription for the spelling provided in this entry (Ульяна) is actually Ulyana, not Uliana. You see, the standard transcription for the letter я in the name is "ya", while "ia" and "ja" are usually considered variant transcriptions. As such, one can argue that for this particular spelling, Ulyana is the main Russian form and Uliana is the variant transcription.

You might also want to compare some names in the main database for this, such as:

- Anya (Аня) is the main form, while Ania (Аня) is a variant transcription.
- Ilya (Илья) is the main form, while Ilia (Илья) is a variant transcription.
- Yuliya (Юлия) is the main form, while Yulia (Юлия) is a variant transcription.

Taking a look at the names Maryana (Марьяна) and Tatyana (Татьяна) in the main database is also a good idea, as they end in -яна (-yana) just like the spelling for this name does, but are correctly transcribed.

With that said, it is worth knowing that Uliana exists in Russian as an independent name, rather than just as a variant transcription of Ulyana. As an independent name, it is spelled as Улиана and quite rare (probably old-fashioned even, if the Wikipedia article listed below is anything to go by), even more so when compared to the prevalence of Ulyana (Ульяна) in Russia. This also shows on Google, where Ульяна (Ulyana) yields 9,250,000 search results and Улиана (Uliana) only 10,800 search results.

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Lucille  11/27/2016
Pronounced more like Uljana in Russian. Diminutives are Ulya or Ulyasha.
Jogitta  2/19/2011

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