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Urania is also the goddess of love, the counterpart of the Greek Aphrodite.
wiswina  12/12/2005
Urania was the goddess of a different kind of love to Aphrodite; Aphrodite was goddess of romantic and sexual love, Uranis was goddess of brotherly, universal love for other members of the human race.
hana  5/11/2006
In Greek this name is pronounced aw-RARN-ya, not yoo-RAY-nee-a.
Auriel  4/18/2007
In Modern Greek it is pronounced "oo-rah-NEE-ah" or "oo-rah-NYEE-ah."
Kosta  5/3/2007
Too close to uranium to me, although the Greek version, Ourania, is really pretty. The one "o" makes a big difference to me. :)
Lady Seashell  3/29/2008
I found this pronunciation of Urania; yu-RAH-nee-ah.
SamJr7  10/26/2011
Urania is a beautiful name, the name of my wife from La Concha Town, Nicaragua.
duruscuban  12/25/2015

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