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It's very cute, and sounds nice. But it would basically be like naming your kid "rabbit", though this word sounds much better, haha.
It would be a nice name for a character, or as someone did, a pen name. But as a full name, no matter where you go, it's a bit strange.
mememan28  4/1/2018
This is also a Japanese name, though rarely used and it can be given from the word rabbit, and it is commonly given during the year of the rabbit. It can also be built from the kanji "月姫", which translates to "moon princess".
cutenose  3/30/2017
Usagi is also the nickname of the character Usami Akihiko in the anime/manga Junjou Romantica.
cheshirexcat  7/13/2012
Said oo sag ee.
Niji_Usagi  1/7/2010
After watching the Japanese version of Sailor Moon, I know that this name is pronounced "oo-SAW-gee".
terror_candy  9/2/2009
This is a Japanese name.
terror_candy  9/2/2009
In the anime and manga series "Junjou Romantica" a character (Usami Akihiko) is nicknamed Usagi.
― Anonymous User  2/1/2009
Associated with the moon as in Japanese tradition a rabbit is seen in the shadows on the moon, not the man as in European tradition.
senefen  1/14/2009
In the manga series DOLLS Seiju mishears his teammate's name (Usaki) as Usagi and he insists on calling him that.
― Anonymous User  9/30/2008
This name is soooo cute. I'm naming a character this. ^-^
MisquotedWarrior  8/22/2008
In the manga Tsuki no Shippo (Tail of the Moon) by Tinko Ueda, the main character is named Usagi.
― Anonymous User  8/15/2008
Actually, it isn't too uncommon to see a girl named Usagi in Japan. It's just that the Kanji used to spell it doesn't mean "rabbit". I've seen it spelt so that it means "heron's feather/wing", "full moon", and several other ways that I can't recall at the moment.
― Anonymous User  9/4/2006
A famous writer named herself Usagi (Nakamura Usagi) as her pen name, but it's not for a real name. It's funny if you see people called Usagi.
pocho-mole  6/19/2006
Most Japanese people would not name a child "Usagi". In fact, some might even laugh (maybe quietly to themselves) if they heard that a couple had inflicted that on their daughter. [noted -ed]
abbasdaughter  12/27/2005
There's a Manga (Japanese comic) about a rabbit samurai called Usagi Yoyimbo.
Araceli  2/22/2005
In the show "Sailor Moon" it was Sailor Moon's Japanese name.
katlove  2/20/2005
Sailor Moon's surname, Tsukino, is a pun for 'of the moon'. So her name itself is a pun for the rabbit of the moon, a Japanese legend.
snuffpot  6/4/2008

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