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In the show "Sailor Moon" it was Sailor Moon's Japanese name.
katlove  2/20/2005
Sailor Moon's surname, Tsukino, is a pun for 'of the moon'. So her name itself is a pun for the rabbit of the moon, a Japanese legend.
snuffpot  6/4/2008
There's a Manga (Japanese comic) about a rabbit samurai called Usagi Yoyimbo.
Araceli  2/22/2005
A famous writer named herself Usagi (Nakamura Usagi) as her pen name, but it's not for a real name. It's funny if you see people called Usagi.
pocho-mole  6/19/2006
In the manga Tsuki no Shippo (Tail of the Moon) by Tinko Ueda, the main character is named Usagi.
― Anonymous User  8/15/2008
In the manga series DOLLS Seiju mishears his teammate's name (Usaki) as Usagi and he insists on calling him that.
― Anonymous User  9/30/2008
In the anime and manga series "Junjou Romantica" a character (Usami Akihiko) is nicknamed Usagi.
― Anonymous User  2/1/2009
Usagi is also the nickname of the character Usami Akihiko in the anime/manga Junjou Romantica.
cheshirexcat  7/13/2012

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