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This is the given name of the daughter in "Secret Daughter". However, a mistake was made and the daughter ends up being called Asha- "hope".
MShadow  7/20/2011
Somehow this comes across to me as cuter than many another "dawn"-themed name. Maybe it's the "sh" in the middle that, enhanced by the vowel transition, makes the whole name sound squishy and cute x) on another note, though, I have a teacher who bears this name, and she's rather down-to-earth and commonsensical. Names don't exactly make the person, do they? :P.
seraphine_eternal  9/6/2009
This is the name of the powerful mage Raistlin's (possibly) illegitimate daughter in the novel Dragonlance: Dragons of Summer Flame. She turns out not to be Raistlin's daughter, though--which is good, because she falls in love with his nephew, Palin. I was surprised to find Usha on this database, since just about all of the names in the Dragonlance novels are "created".
erb816  6/1/2009
This is the name of Pi's daughter in the novel "Life of Pi."
MoonAgeDaydreamer  5/22/2009

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