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A famous bearer of this name is the former president of Czech Republic - Václav Havel.
wildeanne  1/30/2006
Vaclav Talich and Vaclav Neumann, Czech conductors.
Kosta  5/15/2006
A famous bearer:
Saint Václav - He was murdered of by brother Bořivoj.
Maggie_Simpson  6/28/2007
The oldest use of this name dates to 907 when the son of Bořivoj II was born. He was christened Václav. He was a Duke of Bohemia for five years before he was murdured by his brother in 929. Saint Václav is now the patron saint of Bohemia.
Maggie_Simpson  10/10/2007
Václav Vingl is fictional character from the movie "Václav". He was played by Ivan Trojan.
Maggie_Simpson  3/2/2008
Famous bearers:
Václav Rasch is real name of famous actor Saša Rašilov.
His grandson is actor Václav Rašilov.
MaggieSimpson  4/30/2008
Václav was the original name of Karel IV, king of Czech and Saint Roman´s empire.
Emilie007  8/13/2008
There is a lovely old Christmas carol about a "Good King Václav" (1994). He was played by Jonathan Brandis.
Emilie007  8/27/2008
Václav von Österreich (9th March 1561 - 22th September 1578, Madrid) was child of Maximilian I and María de Austria o Habsburgo.
Emilie007  1/11/2009
Saint Václav was a 10th-century duke of Bohemia murdered by his brother. He is the patron saint of the Czech Republic. This was also the name of several Bohemian kings.
MaggieSimpson  8/22/2009

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