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Well I was blessed enough with my name. Valencia! Oooh! I love just even pronouncing it! Valencia! Valencia! Valencia! I'm conceited with my own name!
babygirl206999  12/12/2004
Valencia is named in the song, "O! Valencia" by the Decemberists.
― Anonymous User  9/27/2007
I think it's a very nice name.
disgurlcrazy  9/2/2008
This name is quite rare but very pretty. I wish this was one of my names!
starz26  1/24/2010
Very beautiful name, classy, feminine, absolutely love the sound of it.
Purrsian  4/28/2010
Marlon Jackson of the Jackson 5 has a daughter named Valencia, born in 1976. This is a very pretty name.
bananarama  8/16/2010
Name of the town I live in, aka the most boring city in the world... I might like it if it weren't for that.
Chrila96  8/17/2010
I think the name itself is pretty, but, unfortunately, I knew a girl in high school with this name and she was completely classless, so she kind of ruined it for me.
Meadow  8/28/2010
This is also a variety of orange, probably after the city in Spain.
nomenphile  3/3/2011
I adore this name. It's absolutely beautiful. However, I strongly suggest that you only use it if your daughter has a Spanish surname or is of Spanish heritage. Valencia Waters? No. Valencia Reynoso? Yes.
Black_X  10/8/2011
Love this name. Classy, elegant, lovely, strong. It's rareness makes it even better.

Potential nicknames: Valen, Val, Vali, Valia, Lenny/Lenni/Lennie/Leni, Cia

For two sisters, Valencia and Valora would be divine! The meanings (power and bravery) and origins are similar, and the alliteration is cute, not forced.

For two other sisters, Vanessa and Veronica would complete the alliterative theme.
AnonymousUser  10/20/2015
I saw on another page that it was a variant of "Valentia" meaning "Bravery" in Spanish.
― Anonymous User  8/5/2016
I like Valentina as well as Valencia. I don't know which I prefer, and they are some of my favorite V names. Cia or Sia would be a cute nickname.
XironDarkstar  9/17/2017

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