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Valentine Demy is an Italian mainstream and pornographic actress. Born as Marisa Parra in Pisa, Demy started her film career in the late 1980s, appearing often in main roles in several genre films, mainly of erotic genre, in which she was directed among others by Tinto Brass and Joe D'Amato. In the mid-90s she switched to starring in pornographic films. She was a former body building champion.
cutenose  6/15/2017
It's cute, and she can always be Val or Tina if she doesn't care for it.
Songofecho  7/4/2014
In the main portion of the Ender's Game novel series written by Orson Scott Card, the protagonist has a beloved sister by the name of Valentine.
DoctorCondensate  4/8/2013
In the detective novels by Margery Allingham, her detective Mr Albert Campion has a sister called Valentine; however, since his real name is Rudolph, it's impossible to be sure that it's her actual name.
Anneza  7/15/2008
I fell in love with the name Valentine when I read 'Ender's Game'. To me it just screams cute, and I would definitely use it on my daughter, but I'm afraid it would cause some teasing. The only good nickname I can think of is 'Allie' maybe, but that's far too overused.
Reecet21  5/19/2007
One of the main characters in The Count of Monte Cristo is named Valentine.
Darter  6/16/2006
Valentine is the name of one of the central characters (played by Irene Jacob) in the film "Rouge" (1994) from Kieslowski's film cycle "Trois Couleurs." This may explain its sudden rise in popularity in France and Belgium in the last several years.
Celeste  12/20/2005

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