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Besides a nickname for Ivan, it is also a Slavic female name, meaning Gracious Gift of God.
Vanya  2/21/2005
"Uncle Vanya" is a very famous play by Anton Chekhov.
Ylva  5/24/2006
I always thought that 'Vanya' was more feminine than masculine. Because of this, and my strange logic, I think it's a very cute name~!
boykun  3/6/2011
I also thought it was a feminine name. Mostly because I kept mixing it up with Valya.
welovejamesarness  2/18/2012
It is also used as a female name here in Bulgaria. I know it from way too personal point of view. That's why I never use my real name /the one we're talking about/ anywhere on the internet. It is a nightmare to be a girl having a name that's known to be used as short call for russian boys. Especially if you hate Russia in your guts.
valao  7/9/2014

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