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I was looking up the name a few nights ago, and I found that it was indeed of Persian origin. The site I was looking on, which escapes me now, had it listed as meaning beautiful or pure.
-- Anonymous User  9/26/2005
It sounds to me very sensual.
-- alberto  3/9/2006
If it is indeed of Persian origin, it should be pronounced vash-TEE, not VASH-tee. It is a beautiful name.
-- Sabrina  7/2/2006
It is derived from the Persian root/word vashta, meaning good or beautiful. It is unique in the sense that it is one of the few proper names in the Tanakh to begin with the letter "waw."
-- Dray  8/20/2006
The singer Vashti Bunyan is a well-known bearer of this (very pretty) name.
-- kiwifruit  12/16/2006
Vashti Bunyan (b 1945) is an English singer-songwriter. Her first album, Just Another Diamond Day, has been extremely influential since its release in 1970.
-- Mustardseed  1/31/2007
There is a charchter named Vashti in E. M Forster's 'The Machine Stops'.
-- Katja Eidis  2/17/2008
I have trouble saying this name, and I'm not sure why. It's nice though.
-- -Julia-  8/19/2009
There's something about this name that I really like, though I can't put my finger on what it is. For some reason, when I hear it, I picture a red-haired seamstress. The seamstress part could be due to it's meaning, but I don't know about the red hair.
-- Black_X  5/20/2012
"The Complete Book of Muslim and Parsi Names" by Maneka Gandhi and Ozair Husain lists Washti as a Persian name meaning "beauty; goodness", and writes that it is associated with the story of Esther. I assume that Washti is the Persian form of Vashti.
-- Anonymous User  7/6/2012
In the 1956 film "Giant" starring Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson, a rural Texan character is named Vashti. In the film it was pronounced "VASH-tye".
-- New_Chloe  12/20/2012
This is a daring but gorgeous choice. Vashti in the Bible defied her husband's wishes so he divorced her to wed Esther.
-- Just Jonquil  4/7/2015
I know someone who pronounces it Vash-tye, which I think is more attractive than Vash-tee. It sounds warm and even sultry.
-- silly_rabbit  8/16/2015
Vash (rhymes with cash) Ti (rhymes with tie) Most people I have heard of with the name pronounce it this way. See: Vashti Cunningham.
-- Vashti Marie  8/14/2016

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