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Georgette Heyer also had a book titled Venetia and an excellent book it was!
ladyknight  1/19/2006
This is the Latin form of Venice.
Laurea  7/9/2007
Venetia Burney, now Venetia Phair, was the girl who named Pluto.
― Anonymous User  9/30/2007
Venetia Yewbeam is Charlie Bone's Great-Aunt in the Charlie Bone series. She is gifted with manipulating clothing.
egyptianpanda  6/6/2008
Beatrice Venetia Stanley Montagu - known as Venetia Stanley - was a famous British aristocrat and socialite, daughter of the baron Edward Lyulph Stanley.

She was named for the 17th century beauty Venetia Anastasia Stanley Digby, who popularised the name.
vomiting  12/3/2009

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