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Actress Vera Miles is a famous bearer.
-- Anonymous User  12/21/2005
Vera Wang is a famous fashion designer.
-- LimbicLove  1/13/2006
Vera Claythorn, the final 'Indian' in Agatha Christie's "Ten Little Indians" is a famous bearer.
-- black_lace  5/30/2006
American actress and dancer Vera-Ellen, perhaps best known for her role in the 1954 film White Christmas, is a famous bearer of this name; she was born Vera-Ellen Westmeyer Rohe in 1921.
-- nofinahthandinah  12/31/2006
In The Beatles' song "When I'm Sixty-Four", the three grandchildren are named Vera, Chuck, and Dave. I like Vera the best. :-)
-- rubberduckiiz2  7/18/2007
Vera Dubois was Shayla's mom in the books When Kambia Elaine Flew in from Neptune and Shayla's Double Brown Baby Blues.
-- Anonymous User  8/6/2007
Let's not forget the infamous female serial killer, Vera Renczi, who murdered about thirty-five people.
-- rv14142  9/7/2007
A famous bearer of this name is Ukrainian pop singer/drag queen Vera Serdyuchka. (She is also known as Verka, which is a diminutive form of Vera.)
-- Viktoriya  10/20/2007
Vera Lynn (1917-) was a British singer and was most popular during WWII as she sung about the war.
-- scholasticastewart  1/8/2008
Vera Lynn inspired the Pink Floyd song of the same name that was on the album The Wall. Nostalgically beautiful.
-- dramaelf  2/27/2008
It's not necessarily a person, but Jayne (from Firefly and Serenity) has a gun named Vera.
-- pifaninjat  12/16/2008
Another Agatha Christie character from a few books is the Russian Countess Vera Rosakoff, with whom Hercule Poirot shared an unusual - relationship - with.
-- La Reina  2/15/2009
Vera Donovan is Dolores's employer in the novel "Dolores Claiborne." The movie version begins with her death.
-- bathos  10/2/2010
Vera Jayne Palmer was the birth name of American actress and model Jayne Mansfield.
-- Anonymous User  12/12/2011
Vera Farmiga an American actress of Ukrainian origin is a famous barer.
-- Vikosha  12/18/2011
Vera June Ralston (better known as Vera Miles) was an American actress.
-- Anonymous User  1/10/2012
Vera Wang (born 1949 in New York City) is a famous American fashion designer.
-- Anonymous User  6/8/2012
Vera Farmiga (born 1973 in Clifton, New Jersey) is an American actress.
-- Anonymous User  6/8/2012
In the book 18, Pete's adorable six year old daughter is named Vera. She has a twin brother named Vincent.
-- Anonymous User  7/15/2013
Vera Devenish is a character on the Nickelodeon TV series "House of Anubis".
-- Quamalamalam  4/15/2014
Another famous bearer is Russian tennis-player Vera Zvonareva.
-- Mayra  11/23/2014

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