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Verena is pleasant name, but a bit dreary and old-fashioned. Whether that's the outdated kind of old-fashioned, or the "so out there it sounds fresh again" kind is for you to decide.
― Anonymous User  9/26/2018
I'm not sure but this name, listed as being in German usage as well as Late Roman, might also be derived from the Germanic name element war "vigilant, cautious".

I get this impression from the meaning and history listed for the name Veremund, which is hypothesized to be a Latinized form of the Ancient Germanic name Waramunt.
So War -> Var has happened before.

As far as I know, -ena is a variant of -ina, the Latin form of -ine, a Greek suffix used to create feminine forms of male names.

Maybe it was a possible name that was never used with this meaning but it makes sense to me.

I wasn't sure what topic to use since I don't have verified information to share, but I put it under the meaning one anyway so I'm sorry if I mislabeled this comment.
KillRagnar666  9/20/2018
Hi, my name is Verena. I am from Croatia and it is unique name here, I have never met anyone with the same name. There are all kinds od reactions, but most people just say it is an unusual name and that they have heard it for the first time. Even though it should not be difficult to say it in croatian people often struggle with the pronunciation and are confused, where is the accent. It is ve-Re-na it actually sounds Italian.
Even though it often requires some explaining, I love it.
VerenaCro  7/23/2018
I like the names Vera and Serena, so I really like Verena. It sounds exotic, yet not too foreign. I think it would work as a feminine name in the US.
XironDarkstar  10/7/2017
Verena Carmen Rehm, born 14 May 1984 in Neuburg, Bavaria, is best known as the backing vocalist and pianist of the Eurodance dance group Groove Coverage. She has many song writing credits both within and outside the group and also sings for many other German dance acts.
cutenose  1/12/2017
I absolutely fell in love with this name at ten years old when I saw the 1998 movie "All I Wanna Do" where Kirsten Dunst plays a character named Verena Von Stefan. I absolutely love V girl names and actually just V names in general but this is by far at the top of the list.
Katarina.L  11/4/2016
We named our first daughter Verena after meeting my wife's 2nd cousin of the same name who lived in Posciavo, a town in the Italian Swiss canton of Ticino. I think the Roman derivation is very likely but also love the connection with Saint Verena from Egypt. Of course, living in Canada has resulted in such nicknames as Vee and even Vern. It's all good stuff and both our Verenas are lovely people which is the most important thing, eh?
― Anonymous User  5/22/2015
Beautiful. Just. Wow. My name is Irie, I wish I could change it to this.
― Anonymous User  3/3/2015
Verena Carmen Rehm is a singer from Germany. She is best known as the backing vocalist and pianist of the dance group Groove Coverage. A song that features the vocals of Verena is "Crystal Ship" by Renegade Masterz.
― Anonymous User  12/19/2014
Guess I'm the only one reminded of the word venereal?
that one  9/17/2014
What a gorgeous, beautiful girly name! :o.
― Anonymous User  5/31/2014
I think Verena is absolutely gorgeous! And from it you could derive the lovely nickname Rena. That said, I would be hesitant to use it since I live near a town called Varina, which is pronounced the same way. So, I expect that if I named my daughter this, everyone would assume I named her after the town and would spell it that way.
Ruta Graveolens  1/15/2014
Verena is very pretty and feminine. I like that it has use in early Christianity and also ancient north African cultures. I have never met a Verena here in the USA. It sounds so much better than the popular Serena.
Zinha  1/8/2014
I've never heard of this name before! It's really pretty!
Oohvintage  2/1/2013
The Coptic Encyclopedia, a scholarly work, says this about the possible origins of the name Verena: Verena could be identified as the popular Coptic short form of the Ptolemaic Berenice. The Copts omitted the Greek suffixes ioc and ic and replaced them with e or a (according to Heuser); and the letter b in Coptic reads v when followed by a vowel. The name Verena could also be of ancient Egyptian origin, a compound of the Coptic and ancient Egyptian words vre ("seed") and ne ("town or the town," Thebes), that is, Seed of Thebes. [noted -ed]
overtheclouds  9/5/2012
I think this is a beautiful name that has slipped under the radar, because I can see it taking off in English-speaking countries.

It's the name of a major character's mother in my story, and is an interesting pick without being too odd.
the_awesome_elf  1/8/2012
I like this name. The first time I seen it was about four days ago. I didn't know it was German; but I'm happy to find another German (feminine) name that doesn't sound too harsh for modern ears.
GibsonGirl  9/7/2011
One of my favorite names. It's simple, but not boring like some other names. I love it.
enchy  5/28/2011
Could also be related to the Latin word for green.
― Anonymous User  1/8/2011
This is quite a nice name, and it's unusual and almost exotic-sounding in English countries. :-)
walesgal92  1/8/2011
I've always loved this name and right now it is my first choice if I have a daughter. It seems girly without being too overly sweet.
Trexa  10/17/2010
My name is Verena and my mother named me after watching a Russian movie (sorry, don't know the title). Her name is Vera and she wanted a name starting with V and matching her own. (Also thought of Viera/Viola).
I really love my name. It's unique and makes you feel special. I can't imagine having a common name. I am from Norway and I've never met anyone else with my name. There it is pronounced Veh-Reh-nah. I love this pronunciation but while currently living in an English speaking country I prefer to be called Veh-ree-nah as it doesn't sound nice when you can't roll your R's...
I would say Verena is a more serious name and people usually refrain from saying it unnecessarily. That being said, it's also a youthful name and a name you grow along with, suitable for all ages. And I've gotten quite a few compliments on my name from people in many different countries, so that is always nice. For a nickname people usually just call me "V".
I like that it is a name that is not typically associated with a country (though it is more commonly used in Germany) and suits my personality perfectly.
Verena  10/3/2010
I think that Verena would age well on a woman and like that it can be shortened to the spunky 'Vera.'
vomiting  12/29/2009
I love this name! I think it is very beautiful and it has a soft sound to it.
bananarama  12/18/2009
Right now I'm obsessed with this name! All names beginning with V seem sultry and edgy to me - think Veronica, Vivien - but Verena has a soft, breezy side to it as well, like a previous poster mentioned about it conjuring up the feeling of a breezy summer day. That's what makes Verena so brilliant - it would age or evolve with the woman, being innocent, light, fresh enough for a little girl, while at the same time strong and mature enough for a woman.
― Anonymous User  8/26/2009
I believe that one of the daughters of Lucius Verenus in the HBO show 'ROME' was called Verena? I'm not completely sure though.

Very pretty name; makes me think of breezy summer days.
ginamarie  5/12/2009
In Germany, the name is pronounced veh-REH-nah, emphasis on the second syllable. My best friend is called Verena, her sister is called Ivonne.
LoQuiero  1/8/2009
This name is used among religious groups like the Amish, Mennonites, and Hutterites.
Reina Vered  1/8/2009
Verena Tarrant is one of the main characters in Henry James' "The Bostonians". She is the protege of feminist Olive Chancellor.
ponine  8/24/2008
My name is Verena, my parents fell in love with that name when they were on holiday in Switzerland. Years later when I visited, I was told the Swiss call their cows Verena - like Daisy or Buttercup. I don't know if it is true but it makes for a nice story when people say, "Verena? That's an unusual name!"
Tiggy  8/9/2008
According to, Verena is derived from latin meaning "the shy one".
mcqueen  11/4/2007
Shy in Latin would be 'vercunda'; vercundus is the masculine version. But not 'Verena' to the best of my knowledge. Could be a Latinised version of an Egyptian name, perhaps.
Anneza  1/8/2009
Listen to the German pronunciation of Verena here:
_satu_  9/3/2006
This is undoubtedly my favourite name ever. I have a thing for names with v's. But this, it's like Marina, with a v. I love it.
karlyjok  7/21/2006
Pronounced vur-en-a, without any syllable being accented.
― Anonymous User  3/17/2006

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