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Ronja, pronounced "Ron-yah", is the Russian short form of Veronica/Veronika.
― Anonymous User  4/13/2005
Also can mean "bringing victory" from the Greek words phero meaning "to bring" and nike meaning "victory".
Catra  4/16/2005
This name is also used in Russia (third syllable stressed).
― Anonymous User  6/3/2005
The main character in the show Veronica Mars.
― Anonymous User  9/25/2005
Veronica is also found in the Bible. She wiped the face of Jesus after he had carried the cross up the hill.
lucky3teen  10/30/2005
Actually, the name "Veronica" and the story of the woman wiping Jesus' face on the Via Dolorosa is not in the Bible. It's kind of a legend in the Catholic tradition.
― Anonymous User  3/24/2006
So this isn't a real person but whenever I hear the name Veronica I think of Veronica Lodge from the Archie comic books I read as a kid. Crazy I know but it's not a very pretty name.
NatashaReynolds  12/9/2005
I think this name is strong and very intelligent-sounding. I love it.
tmarie  12/16/2005
There are two great songs, "Veronica" by Elvis Costello and "Veronica" by the Swedish Cornelis Vreeswijk. A friend of mine is named after the second song.
Veronica Lake was an actress of the 40's.
Veronica (Ronnie) Bennet was a singer in the 60's popgroup The Ronettes and married to producer Phil Spector.
― Anonymous User  12/17/2005
A bearer of this name is the actress of the late 30's and 40's: Veronica Lake. She starred in many classic films such as The Blue Dahlia and This Gun For Hire.
― Anonymous User  3/8/2006
Veronica Lake was born Constance Frances Marie Ockelman.
― Anonymous User  12/12/2011
I love this name, it sounds strong yet elegant. :)
― Anonymous User  5/5/2006
"Veronica" is the name of a flower. That is why in Bulgaria "Veronica" has a nameday on Palm Sunday (the Sunday before Easter) - the day of flowers and willows (the names of trees also have a nameday).
iva_toneva  5/24/2006
Veronica Sawyer (played by Winona Ryder) is the main character in the 1989 dark comedy Heathers. In the film, Veronica is one of the Heathers, a group of popular girls who all share the same name--Veronica being the exception in the group. She meets a boy called JD (Christian Slater) and under his influence, begins to kill all the popular students in school and makes their deaths look like suicides.
WeloveyouJesseLacey  8/12/2006
Ugh. I despise the name Veronica, but one of my best friends - a twin - is named Veronica, so I've gotten used to it. I usually just call her Ronnie, and since her twin's name is Ruby, that sounds good together.
― Anonymous User  9/3/2006
Listen to the German pronunciation of Veronica here:
_satu_  9/3/2006
Love it. Especially the combos Veronica Grace and Veronica Christal.
xKatiex  11/4/2006
Elegant name, but I don't like the nickname Ronnie.
― Anonymous User  11/14/2006
This name will always make me think of this extremely odd, paranoid, and somewhat insane girl that I used to know. She sort of ruined it for this name. Not that I was really a big fan of it in the first place though.
― Anonymous User  12/11/2006
Veronica is my name and what I like most about it is: a) it isn't very common and I've never met another Veronica b) where I'm from there's no obvious nickname to it, so people actually call me by my given name and not some lame nickname.
Tango  12/12/2006
Veronica Franco (1546-1591) was a poet and courtesan in sixteenth-century Venice.
sweetbabe  12/17/2006
Reminds me too much of the word 'verruca'. :O Surely that's not good.
Surreal  6/30/2007
I love it, it is poetic. My grandmother's name, born 1920, Ireland.
meowelers  11/28/2007
This is my name and I absolutely despise it. When people hear it they automatically think Archie and Veronica or Veronica Mars. Even though it's not common, there isn't really much that is unusual about it and the only thing people tend to say about it is "How do you spell it?". But that's just my take on my name. Could just be me. ^^
Winged-Wolfie  12/28/2007
I absolutely hate this name because it reminds of a snotty, upper class, spoiled, rich bimbo.
angolmois  1/16/2008
Popular girl. Total snob. You get the idea.
sweetkit  3/12/2008
I bet people get Veronica confused with Victoria.
― Anonymous User  4/4/2008
The name is pretty and quite cool, but the fact that this is one of Madonna's middle names has ruined the name for me. I also hate the nicknames you can get out of this name, the ones I can think of are Ron (ew!) and Ronnie. I don't like Nicki either. This rather sounds like the name of a woman with dark, very long hair, pale skin, dark eyes, and a slender figure.
slight night shiver  5/12/2008
My sister's name is Veronica and she likes her name fairly well. Her nickname is just simply V. Other nicknames, I've heard, are Ronnie and Ron, but my sister doesn't appreciate those kinds of nicknames.
― Anonymous User  7/20/2008
This is my name and I love it. Growing up, I never met another Veronica until I was in my late twenties (I am 37 now). People always compliment my name stating that it is beautiful, classic and one you don't hear much. For some reason guys find this name sexy--they picture a beautiful, intelligent woman--I guess this is due to Veronica Lake and the Veronica from Archie. I always laugh when I actually find a Veronica in a movie and she is some hot chick. The nicknames are Ron or Ronnie, which are ok to me, I just don't introduce myself as Ron or Ronnie. A lot of friends call me Vee which I like better. I have read that Von or Vonny is also used. One note--this seems to sound better with a short last name--my last name is 4 syllables so when I say my name it is quite a mouthful! I always wished my last name was something short like Lane or Reed. I do get called Victoria a lot, and just correct the person and laugh. I am torn between wanting to hear it more and not wanting to--as I don't want it to end like another Emily or Eva.
sunmoon  8/5/2008
As a Veronica myself, I've never really appreciated being nicknamed Ronnie. My mother started calling me Nikki instead and a friend from Mexico always called me "Vero", with that pretty little rolling "rrr".

Like some users above, I loathe being associated with Bettie and Veronica. When I introduce myself to people, I generally tell them, "Veronica, like the Elvis Costello song", so I don't have to hear, "Like Bettie and Veronica?!"

As a child, I couldn't stand my name and insisted on going by Nikki (my dad still just calls me Nick). However, as I grew older, I began to appreciate the fact that I wasn't another Michelle or Jessica. Now, of course, I absolutely love my name, especially if someone calls me Veronique with my middle name. So hurrah for all the other Veronicas out there.

The only problem is that people get confused and call me Victoria a lot. And I hate that name.
Veronica_Mignon  8/11/2008
Dame Cicely Veronica Wedgwood (1910-97) was a famous English historian. She used her middle name rather than her first.
Jonquil  9/1/2008
I like the name because it starts with a V.
_0TophasNails_1  11/28/2008
"Roni" or "Ronny" is a cute nickname.
smiilebiigerx3  3/2/2009
I love the name Veronica because my dad has always loved it. Plus, I think the nickname Ronnie for a girl is cute.
― Anonymous User  3/14/2009
I think the nickname Nica is cute. Also, this name always reminds me of a book I read when I was younger called Peter and Veronica.
Kayla_christine  4/4/2009
I think this is such a beautiful name. I think 'Ver' or 'Vera' is a cute nickname. 'Ron' and 'Ronnie' are okay too.
MtotheK  4/15/2009
Many people who know me like my name; they always compliment on how different it is from the norm. I, on the other hand, personally despised my name for the longest time (up until I turned fifteen). I can really appreciate my name now-a-days, and I've had so many nicknames, my family calling me Vero, and friends calling me Nikki, Ronnie, V, Vyeroshka and Veroshka (Russian nicknames?). It's a culturally diverse name and I think it has a strong and dignified feel to it. But it's true that in most media, Veronicas are usually snobby and other not so nice words. Lol. :]
veronica.voodoo  4/20/2009
My name is Veronica and I love it! My name is unique and interesting. The only two downsides to this name (that I have found) are:

1. The rich, snobby heiress stereotype (probably from the "Archie" comics)

2. Confusion with Victoria - I get called Victoria all the time!

Some nicknames I've had are Vee, Vern, and Ronnie (I absolutely hate being called Ronnie, though).
veronicaH2O  5/10/2009
Veronica Fisher is the name of Judy Garland's character in the 1949 film, "In the Good Old Summertime".
Kate  5/21/2009
I like this name almost against my will.
glaucous  7/16/2009
Veronica Lodge is the rich love interest of Archie Andrews in Archie Comics. She is the longtime rival of girl-next-door Betty Cooper for Archie's affections.
marauder34  7/28/2009
Veronika is the Russian version of this name.
Arcticwarrior  9/23/2009
Australian electro-pop/rock group The Veronicas, made up of sisters Jessica and Lisa. They got the name from Veronica Sawyer in the film Heathers, because when asked if she's a Heather (one of the popular clique, all three of whom are called Heather), she replies 'No, I'm a Veronica.' I like this name since I heard The Veronicas.
Saffine Grace  10/30/2009
Veronica Taylor is a voice actress for anime shows. She voiced Ash Ketchum, Delia Ketchum, and May for seasons 1-8 in Pokemon. She also voiced Fololo and Falala and Sirica in Kirby: Right Back at Ya! and Kisara from Yugioh! Duel Monsters.
― Anonymous User  11/23/2009
Veronica is vibrant!
emily  12/22/2009
Veronica was not the woman's name. According to legend, the woman's name was Seraphia. 'Veronica' is simply a mishmash of the Latin phrase for the veil relic "vera icon". The name of the relic became a name for the legendary woman over time.
chidoll  2/19/2010
This name is frequently used in The Netherlands as well.
Lucille  3/19/2010
This is one of my favorite names ever. It sounds pretty, and it makes me think of a independent, strong, free-spirited girl. I also like how it sounds kind of retro.
sunshinechild67  3/27/2010
I really like this name, although I don't like the nickname Ronnie, but I suppose some other nicknames that could be used are: Vee, Vera, and I suppose you could use Evie as well, which are all much better nicknames, in my opinion, although personally I wouldn't shorten it to a nickname; I think it (Veronica) sounds really classy and usable said in its entirety. :)
walesgal92  6/2/2010
My name is Veronica, and my family calls me "Vern." Sometimes I don't like that nickname because it is generally used as a nickname for Vernon, but I despise the nickname Ron/Ronnie/Nika, so I suppose "Vern" is OK.

My parents named me after the flower and the Elvis Costello song. Sometimes I wish I had a more normal name, but Veronica is nice.

Other nicknames for Veronica could be:
― Anonymous User  6/2/2010
Saint Veronica is the patron of photographers and laundry workers.
― Anonymous User  6/8/2010
This is my name and I like it, but I dislike how many books use the name Veronica for a mean girl. It's most likely because of the whole Veronica and Archie thing, but most Veronicas out there are nice people!
― Anonymous User  8/5/2010
I only know one Veronica, and we just call her "Veronica," except for the occasional "Vero," with a rolling r's.
Dawson  10/3/2010
A famous bearer of the name is Veronica Maggio, a Swedish singer.
StrangeFate  1/17/2011
A lyrical but strong name with an illustrious history. Works well in many languages and offers a variety of potential nicknames, for better or worse. Veronica is my favorite flower genus, and I have found bearers of the name to be not unlike the wildflowers themselves: petite, prettily unassuming, and elegant. Two of the most gorgeous women I've ever known were Veronicas.
― Anonymous User  7/30/2011
Veronica derives from the ancient Greek feminine name:
ΒΕΡΕΝΙΚΗ < ΦΕΡΕΝΙΚΗ < ΦΕΡΕ-ΝΙΚΗ = bring, bear victory. Name of Greek queens in hellenistic period. (in Macedonia, Egypt, ancestor of Kleopatra).
georgev1112  10/16/2011
Veronica Cartwright is an American actress.
― Anonymous User  8/8/2012
Living with the name Veronica I've had people either completely forget may name and call me things like: Victoria, Monica, Vanessa and various other 'V' names or I'll get things like "Oh! You mean like Veronica Lodge from the Archie comics?"

And of course I get to say "Yes, like Veronica Lodge."

This answer drives me nuts because I was actually named after Veronica Lodge who my dad happened to like at the time of my birth.

I can't complain too much though, I do love my name... even though my Uncle Ron insists I'm named after him... Oh that poor, misguided soul...
Bunnymort  11/15/2012
It has this sassy and modern feeling to it and sounds cool.
555jazzy  12/31/2012
No offense, but I find Veronica to be a snobby name. Basically because people tend to choose "Veronica" for the snobby, stuck-up, mean girls in books and movies (like in the "Archie"/"Veronica and Betty" comics). If it weren't for this, Veronica would be a pretty, classy name. I like the nickname "Ronnie", though if I were to call my daughter that, "Ronnie" would be her real name.
St.ClairK59  1/18/2013
There was a character named Veronica in the movie Cloud Atlas. She was an elderly British woman who, along with her husband and two other men, plotted her escape from a retirement home.
― Anonymous User  8/3/2013
This is a beautiful name, but it's extremely popular in hispanic cultures. I think every latino has a Veronica in their family. I have two! It's very common in Catholic countries too (Filipinos for example). I grew up in Los Angeles and also went to school with quite a few Veronicas. I have to admit that I don't particularly like the nickname 'Vero' but guess I could tolerate it if it were my name. I also believe the meaning 'victorious' is the true and accurate meaning of this name. The mythical Veronica who wiped Jesus face is total hogwash, pure legend. That never happened and it's not in the Bible.

If I had a daughter named Veronica, I'd dump the Ronnie (too masculine) and Vero (too common) nicknames and would opt for Nica or Nini. This is a beautiful name. You really can't go wrong with it.
― Anonymous User  2/15/2014
What a beautiful name, eh? =)
― Anonymous User  4/20/2014
This is a beautiful and uncommon name. I know a young half-Lebanese, half-Italian girl with this name. Since there is no "v" sound in Arabic, her parents had to spell her name, when translating, "Feronica" since "f" is the closest thing. I always felt sorry for her that her name was always butchered when translated, and part of the reason why I won't name my kids names beginning with "v" or "p".
Ali Hassan  7/16/2014
My name is Veronica and I don't like it, but not because it isn't beautiful or because of the "popular snob" persona. I've just never identified with it and it feels like I'm spitting it out. It's absolutely gorgeous when my mother in law or my husband says it (They both speak Spanish). I've been called Nica from the womb and I prefer it to Veronica for ME. It kind of sucks I have to use Veronica for my professional life though.
NicaQ76  7/24/2014
Veronica Roth is the author of the Divergent trilogy.
― Anonymous User  9/7/2014
There is an English singer-songwriter and DJ called Veronica Sampson who is known as "Ronika".
― Anonymous User  9/20/2014
Some nicknames for Veronica are
Verica (I've met a girl with this nickname)

Of course there are others, but these are just my favorites. I love Ron- boy nicknames on girls have always been a favorite. They still have the girly name "Veronica" if they grow more girly in the future. Monica is awesome too.
― Anonymous User  10/22/2014
I really like the name Veronica. Its look fits with a lot of other names I like in that it starts with a V (I like Vs and Ws) and has an 'o' in it, and the sound is both strong and sophisticated.

I've known two Veronicas in my life, both in high school. One went by Vero, the other Veva (pronounced like "viva"); and they were both cool people, so I have good associations with the name.
erb816  10/23/2014
Lol. My name is Veronica & I absolutley HATE being called Ronnie or Roni, Vee ("V") or Vikki. I hate being called Victoria as well, I can't say I really like that name either. The nickname that I ACTUALLY like that's creative and my friend made up is Veronz. And almost all my friends call me that. I know people don't like the name Veronica because of like Veronica Lodge because she's snobby & it could be the name of a snobby person, but I honestly think that not all Veronicas are snobby and popular, I'm not even popular and I can't really consider myself a snob. I know another Veronnica (spelt with 2 N's) and she's really nice.
― Anonymous User  1/10/2015
I absolutely love the name Veronica! It is a lovely name for a little girl, yet mature and strong on a grown woman.
Ashleigh Gurlcat 123  2/20/2015
My name is Veronica, and I'm undecided on whether I like it or not. It's different and I rarely meet people who are also called Veronica. However, my name is also often confused with Victoria and there are hardly any nicknames. My favorite one is V-ron.
vron  4/18/2015
Veronica Carlson (Born: September 18, 1944) is an English model and actress.
― Anonymous User  6/5/2015
My name is Veronica and I'm okay with it. My parents call me Roni, some old friends called me Ronica. My boss and coworkers currently call me Vro (vee-row). I've grown to like this nickname a lot. I hate getting called Victoria or Monica, it bugs the crap out of me! And I was actually named after my Nana whose name was Berneice to which Veronica is apparently an alternative to. Who knew?
― Anonymous User  7/25/2015
Veronica is my name and I loooove it.

When I was little, I'd always make up new names to tell strangers I met because I didn't really like my name. By third grade, I had already made up a nickname - Vv - that I still use to this day. But now I love my name. I like that it means true image and that it's Latin, I like that it's kind of unusual and that I've never met another Veronica in person (I did feel really happy when I found out that the author of the Divergent series has this name too). I know that it sounds really classic (cough cough, upper-class) and OF COURSE I've heard of the mean girl in the comics, but people can think what they want about the name Veronica. Being named Veronica doesn't mean that I'm rich or snobby, just classy (gosh that makes me sound really vain) and I like that. My friend searched up 'the sexiest names for girls' online once and Veronica made practically every poll. My friends say that it sounds really pretty, but not in the same way as Serena or Isabel does. I like that, too. I haven't been called Victoria or Vanessa that often, and not many people have referred to the Archie comics when meeting me, so I guess I don't have the same bad instincts when hearing this name as other people do. But even if I did have those experiences, I don't think I would like this name any less. It's better than Ashley or Miranda, anyway. Plus, I love the nicknames Vera and Nica. Especially Vera. It could either mean faith, summer or 'true', depending on the context, I guess. What's not to like? This is my name and I've grown to love it and whenever someone insults it, I actually feel annoyed. Maybe that's a little overboard. Oh well.

PS: sorry for clogging up the message board with this almost-an-essay entry. But I seriously like my name. :)
VeronicaH.  7/25/2015
I did not like this name much while growing up because of Veronica Lodge but that's literally the only thing I don't like about it. Having since met a real Veronica, I don't mind it so much and am finding it very pretty.
― Anonymous User  9/6/2015
I always think of Veronica Lodge from the Archie comics but unlike the negative impression many people get from her, I always enjoyed the reference. One of my favourite names to date. I think of someone very beautiful bearing this name. As for nicknames, I would say Vero would be the most beautiful choice although I really don't tend to use nicknames often.
― Anonymous User  10/28/2015
It's my name. I have a love-hate relationship with it. Never knew the Archie reference until a few years back. I have been called Victoria, Vanessa, Monica etc. The name is unique- I was the only Veronica in my high school. I get the snob, popular, rich reference. Thanks Veronica Lodge! LOL! I prefer being called my middle name Jennifer. But people love the name Veronica. For work it's okay to call me Veronica and family calls me Jennifer. I am confused! For me it's a very retro name. So I am forever stuck with VERONICA. It's a pretty name.:-)
― Anonymous User  12/16/2015
I think this name sounds pretty sexy. Not my fave name, but it's sexy.
― Anonymous User  4/29/2016
Veronica Ngô Thanh Vân is a Vietnamese actress, singer and model. She is also known as Veronica Ngo or her initials NTV.
cutenose  5/30/2016
I have a friend whose name is Veronica and she is the opposite of all these negative comments about this name - she is not at all snobby or superior, instead she is open, funny and friendly. As such I have a very good impression of this name and think it is beautiful.
― Anonymous User  8/17/2016
My name is Veronica and I love it! I never get 'I know another Veronica or 'like Veronica...'. I always get 'that is a pretty, old, classic name.'
Maeve Fantasy  10/25/2016
I'm a Veronica and I'm 58. My parents didn't like my Uncle Ronnie, so they called me Vickie. Why they didn't name me Victoria only they know.
My mom said I was named after a saint and I do feel like a disappointment! Some time ago I looked up Saint Veronica and saw that she is the patron saint of Laundry workers. Figures.

So I looked up Monica, my daughter. We had no reason to name her that other than we liked the name. Found out Saint Monica is the patron saint of Disappointing Children!
― Anonymous User  11/5/2016
THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL NAMES ON THIS PLANET. I love this name soooo much that now I'm legally gonna change my name to Veronica. It's unique and sexy and bold.
human  2/26/2017
Veronica Avluv is the stage name of an American pornographic actress. Avluv entered the adult film industry in February 2010 at the age of 37 and did her first scene with Jessi Palmer for Girlfriends Films. Prior to appearing in videos, she worked as an exotic dancer in men's clubs. Avluv has appeared in productions for Adam & Eve, Brazzers, Elegant Angel, Evil Angel, Girlfriends Films, Hustler, Jules Jordan Video, Kink. Com, Mile High, Wicked Pictures, and Zero Tolerance.
cutenose  2/28/2017
My name is Veronica. I'm 34 years old and it took me until about 5 years ago to accept my name. Veronica is a whopping four syllable name (pretty rare) and can be a lot to spit out when trying to introduce oneself. Rarely do people remember my name and usually end up calling me Victoria... I hate that sooo much. What Victoria goes by her full name anyway? Usually shortened to Vicki or Tori. Unless you're a queen or over 100 years old. I am most commonly called Vee, Vern or Vero. Vern is by far my favorite nickname and I usually introduce myself this way. I don't mind Veronica if you get it right. My middle name is Mia which I love, but I never made the switch for one reason or another. If you are thinking of naming your child Veronica it might be okay for them, with all of the interesting and unique names being given to kids currently. Growing up in the 80's and 90's was hellish and I got teased to death.
Vernmiastarz  4/13/2017
Veronica Franco was an Italian poet and courtesan in 16th-century Venice. Renaissance Venetian society recognized two different classes of courtesans: the cortigiana onesta, the intellectual courtesan, and the cortigiana di lume, lower-class prostitutes who tended to live and practise their trade near the Rialto Bridge. Veronica Franco was perhaps the most celebrated member of the former category, although she was hardly the only onesta in 16th-century Venice who could boast of a fine education and considerable literary and artistic accomplishments.
lilolaf  7/31/2017
The Veronicas are a pop group of twins Jessica & Lisa Orgliasso. They are awesome.
thezenithofnadir  8/16/2017
This is the name of one of my half sisters. Her name is Veronica Rose. Very pretty combo. That being said, I would love to name a child this (if I do ever want kids) with the middle name Monique.
thezenithofnadir  8/16/2017
My name is Veronica, although not born with it I was given this name after being adopted. I have had mixed feelings about my name over many years, that it was rather upper class and snobbish plus it was always difficult for children to pronounce. Over the many years my name has never been shortened until my friend and late husband called me Veron. When people ask me if I have a nickname or do you like your name being shortened, my answer is always no, my name is Veronica and now I actually quite like it. My parents were religious and called me after Saint Veronica plus the little blue flower. I have to say that over the years there was only ever one other person that I knew called Veronica. So I personally think it's not too bad a name after all.
― Anonymous User  8/19/2017
My name is Veronica and I am currently 40 years old. I was a tomboy growing up and went by the name Roni; as my legal name seemed too girly. As an adult, I have a professional business career and LOVE my legal name. Everyone comments on how beautiful and unique it is. My foreign business colleagues are as equally impressed and get excited because they have an equivalent or similar spelling in their home country. I did get picked on by my 4 sisters because they had more "common" names and did call me stuck up, until we became adults. They now equally love my name and sometimes refuse to call me by my childhood name.
VeronicaW  11/3/2017
I like Verena or Verona and Berenice better, but Veronica is nice. I know a Veronica and she is Arab.
XironDarkstar  11/15/2017
I love this name it makes me think of a stylish late 1920s flapper dancer doing the Charleston with a bucket hat on and smoking a cigarette in a black cigarette holder :-)
Goldcrown  2/1/2018
I think this name is lovely. I would say it's very elegant and beautiful.
― Anonymous User  3/10/2018
My name is Victoria and I always end up being called Veronica by mistake. Always. I like my name better though :3.
― Anonymous User  3/19/2018

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