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My full name is Victoria but I have always been known as Tora because I could not say Victoria when I was a small child. My brother always calls me Bythyg which is Welsh for Victoria.
-- toraowen  5/18/2005
I would NOT use this name for your daughter because of the store "Victoria's Secret" that flaunts itself in front of males.
-- mariej2  6/23/2005
That is the most immature, stupid and downright pathetic comment I have heard in a long time. My name is Margarita...does that mean I have any connection with the alchoholic drink? I suggest you grow up, since Victoria is such a popular name that I HIGHLY doubt that such observations will become widespread. And how, exactly, does an inanimate object, such as a shop, flaunt itself? And are you implying that ALL males are fixated with such shops?

As it is, I dislike the name Victoria. In my area alone, there are over 15 people named Victoria. It's just too, too common...yeesh. It seems every other person is named Victoria.

And I hate the nickname 'Vicky'.
-- Anonymous User  3/11/2006
Victoria was a character in "The Corpse Bride." She was the living bride.
-- patchworkgirl  11/16/2005
I like this name very much. It has a strong sound and it means 'victory'. (Or something in that way.) A beautiful combination name is: 'Victoria-Alexandra'. I like this one, because it means as well as victory as the protector. Sounds great I think.
-- Anonymous User  11/21/2005
Vita is also a short/pet form of Victoria.
-- Anonymous User  11/22/2005
Victoria Beckham (wife of soccer star David Beckham) - still post Spice Girls known as Posh Spice - is a famous bearer.
-- Anonymous User  12/21/2005
Victoria is the name of the Crown Princess of Sweden.
-- Elphi  12/21/2005
I love this name. It is my daughter's name. She goes by Tori (mainly because she's a teenager). When she's grown and successful, she'll have a classy sophisticated name she can use. We coupled it with Lauren. Both mean victorious.
-- Anonymous User  1/23/2006
My name is Victoria Emily and I LOVE my name! People used to call me Vic but I don't like that anymore because it sounds kind of manly.
-- toria  2/3/2006
Victoria Elizabeth Steen de Lancie Buchanan is a fairly important character in the Cheney Duvall MD series by Lynn & Gilbert Morris.
-- Anonymous User  2/12/2006
Victoria's Secret is a famous intimates store.
-- Anonymous User  3/5/2006
I like this name. It's pretty and sophisticated. The only problem I have with it is that horrible nickname some Victoria's get - Vicky which rhymes with icky.
-- amber monkey  3/18/2006
Victoria is also a Russian name and the nickname for it is Vika (Vee-Ka).
-- HebrideanBlack  3/18/2006
My name is Victoria Lauren and I happen to love it. Sure guys will use this horrible pick-up line at bars "So Victoria, what's your secret?" but I have thought of 2 really good comebacks: If I want to get his attention I say "I'm not wearing any underwear" and if I want him to leave me alone I say "I'm really a man."

It's a great name. I did get called "Icky Vicki" once in 1st grade and never got over it so I go by Tori. Now that I'm 26 and have been in the workforce for a few years, I use my full name b/c it doesn't sound like a Cheerleader like Tori does. I do not know anyone else named Victoria and I am a teacher so I have hundreds of students every year!
-- Toribear5  4/11/2006
I find it bit cold and snootish.
-- Anonymous User  4/25/2006
This name sounds snobbish to me.
-- nelirosala  7/29/2006
My middle name is Victoria, and I never really liked it. But Victoria-Alexandra is pretty, albeit long. I might use it, but rather, Alexandra-Victoria, protector victory, or protector OF victory.
-- stormy_lovegood  8/10/2006
My name is Victoria and I think it is a beatiful name and it is stupid not to name your daughter Victoria because of the store Victoria Secret and it is not snobish or cold. I am not like that at all and it means victory so I think it is a strong and powerful name!
-- Anonymous User  8/20/2006
Listen to the German pronunciation of Victoria here:
-- _satu_  9/3/2006
Victoria isn't one of my favorite names. I don't like the nickname Vicky, I would prefer Torie.
-- Anonymous User  9/11/2006
Ok, my name is Tory, short for Victoria. I personally love my name. I like Tory better, it describes me better, but I also like Victoria. The "Victoria's Secret" comments were mean, and I think that not many people connect that name to the store unless they are perves. I have had trouble with "Icky Vicky" though. Some jerk decided that it was funny. But overall, I love my name!
-- Anonymous User  9/26/2006
I like the nickname Tori/Torie for this name.
-- Anonymous User  10/3/2006
My name is Victoria, and I absolutely love it! My nickname is Tori, which I like so much better than Vicky. Some teachers call me Vicky when they first meet me, or when they are calling names for role. I hate it! I always yell "it's Tori not Vicky!" I think the nickname Vicky gives Victoria an icky sound. I hate it. I have had problems with "Victoria, what's your secret". But overall I love it!
-- vicTORIa16  10/9/2006
A popular name amongst royals - along with Crown Princess Victoria, this was also the name of one of England's most popular royals, Queen Victoria.
-- khaotickharma  11/7/2006
Actually, it is the female form of Victor.
-- bellaboo  11/18/2006
My name is Victoria. I'm from Bulgaria, so no one makes association with icky or Victoria's Secret, for that I'm happy. But actually I've never been worried, that someone will laugh at me or my name, because here in Bulgaria it really doesn't sound funny and no one could say anything against it. I've been always called Vicky and I like it, I just can't imagine another nickname. Tory is absolutely unpopular here, I've read it in this site and have never heard it before. Altough I like this nickname also very much, I can't make my friends and parents call me like that and after so many years I'm not sure that I want this actually. But I've been called also in many other ways - Vik, Viku, Viksi, Vikus, Vikue, which are only somebody's attempts to call me in a different way from the other people. Altough these nicknames are very strange (also in Bulgarian, yes) I like them, because I associate them with the person immediately. :)
-- Hai_fisch  12/21/2006
I know a girl named Victorie (vik-toh-ree) and I like it better than Victoria becuase it's rare and pretty. I like the name Victoria too, but Victorie is a nice twist.
-- Katya_4_Ever  12/31/2006
My name is Victoria but I go by Tori. I used to hate Victoria when I was younger but now that I'm getting older I realize it's more mature and I like it but I still go by Tori. Some guys do call my boyfriend Victoria's little secret.
-- Victoria18  1/29/2007
Victoria is the name of an evil vampire in the books Twilight and New Moon by Stephenie Meyer.
-- AliceInWonderland  1/30/2007
There are three Victoria's in my English class at my high school. One goes by Tori, one goes by Vicky, and one is just Victoria. Neither of them have had any problems with "Icky Vicky", but "So, what's your secret?" is always used to annoy them.
-- Anonymous User  2/12/2007
My name is Veronica but people constantly confuse my name with Victoria for some godforsaken reason. That has ruined this name for me. I don't know why people do it because they're not that similar, yet still it happens all the time. Ugh. I personally think Veronica has a softer sound to it than Victoria and I prefer my real name. But that's just me.
-- Tango  2/25/2007
I think this name is very pretty. I like the nickname Tori. I really don't like Vicky, though. If I were to name my daughter Victoria, I would automatically shorten it to Tori to avoid the risk of her being called "Vicky".
-- CharlieRob  5/6/2007
Victoria Kaiulani was the name of the last Hawaiian princess. She was named after Queen Victoria.
-- bibi66  5/13/2007
My name is Victoria and I like it. I've never had any problems about Victoria's Secret. I think Victoria is a very classy name and it's not too posh or too common.
-- Anonymous User  6/13/2007
Victoria is a good name. My name is Victoria, my friends used to call me Vicki but now I prefer Victoria. I always spelt Vicki with an i not a y. I get other things like Vics and Tori and sometimes even Victorianna. I just answer to all of them!
-- Anonymous User  6/13/2007
My name is Victoria and I love it. I am an Italian and I love how it is pronounced by Italian people. I think it is a beautiful name, although my "nickname" is Tori, I do take pride in my heritage. I haven't really had problems with "icky Vicky" because I'm kind of goth looking and I'm a wiccan, so people are afraid of me (haha) and in a high school full of annoying jerks, I don't have a problem with that. But I have gotten a couple "Victoria, what's your secret?" it doesn't really bother me. :]
-- Vittoria_Maria  6/15/2007
I like the name, but, as much as I hate to admit it, the two Victorias I knew both left a bad impression. Even though I agree that it is a pretty name, I don't think I'd use it and not just because of the Victorias I knew.
-- Anonymous User  6/23/2007
My name is Victoria and I love it. I think it's very classy. I don't go by Vicky or Tory though, I don't think either of them suit me. My parents and my friends mostly just call me Vic.
-- Anonymous User  6/26/2007
This is my real name, and I never liked it. Hell, I hate it. Which is why I go by Tori. But to the people who think this name is cold, well that's your opinion. To the people who think this only reminds you of a certain store, well, you're not very bright.
-- Anonymous User  7/8/2007
My name's Victoria and my middle name's Marie. I love it! My parents loved the name, I don't know why, but they did. I am Italian also and I love the way my family says my name. I live in Sydney Australia, so sure I got the whole New South Wales thing in primary school. But I never got anything Victoria's Secret. You're crazy not to like a name just because it's used in a brand name. Most of my friends find it funny. I have only once been asked 'Victoria, Can you get me some free stuff?' and it was all a joke, I answered 'Oh yeah, I'll just call my contacts!' See you gotta love it!
-- vikkki  8/13/2007
Victoria Addams was Posh spice in the Spice Girls.
-- Anonymous User  9/12/2007
I named my daughter Victoria. It is the most perfect female name there is. It is one of the oldest names on record, dating back to ancient Rome. I love its historical significance, being the name of one of Britain's most memorable monarchs. Its connotation is one of refinement and elegance. I've always felt that choosing the name Victoria for my daughter was the most public way of showing the world my good taste.
-- queenv  9/21/2007
Good, powerful girl's name with a heck of a lot of meaning and tradition behind it. Which is more than can be said for stupid names like Madison and Addison.
-- johann14  9/25/2007
Victoria is not the feminine form of Victorius OR Victor, but rather the actual Latin word for victory and the name of the Roman goddess of victory.
-- kateyvic  10/12/2007
It's strange that Victoria is so popular; I've never even met a Victoria. Perhaps it's more popular in other parts of the country than in NY. However, it is a really pretty, traditional name. If you want to go with a more common name then Victoria definitely beats Madison or Catherine.
-- Tears Of Blood  12/13/2007
I used to really, really, like this name, but now it reminds me of the obnoxious little mouse in "Chrysanthemum" who's so proud of her name, so it's like nails on a chalkboard.
-- FuschiaNicole  3/14/2008
A famous bearer is American stage actress Victoria Clark (born October 10, 1959). She won a Tony Award for Best Leading Actress in a Musical for her role in 'The Light in the Piazza'. She's also appeared in 'Guys and Dolls,' 'A Grand Night for Singing,', 'How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying', 'Titanic,' 'Cabaret,' and 'Urinetown'.
-- AndrewJKD  4/7/2008
Yes, the name was used in royalty and it does have regal connatations. But who are we kidding, Queen Victoria was not the best ruler and her Victorian age was prudish and sappishly sentimental. I think my name is way to mature and formal sounding. However, Vicky is not the best nickname, but better than Tori.
-- bluedog08  4/21/2008
This is one of my favorite names! I love that it means victory, and it sounds really beautiful and dignified. I actually like both Vicky and Tory for nicknames.
-- Marissa24  4/24/2008
The positive things about this name are that it sounds sophisticated, elegant, and maturee, and will not lead to discrimination because of some sort of ditzy, trashy, or stripper-ish connotaions. The negative things are that the name is overused, sounds quite elitist, and the nicknames Vicki and Tori aren't good. The conservative Tories in Britain and Canada are to blame for the latter being bad, but it doesn't sound very serious or mature anyway, any more than Kori does, really.
-- slight night shiver  5/12/2008
Oh, and another negative thing is that this name will always be associated with Queen Victoria and Victorian sex morals and hypocrisy, as well as other Victorian ideals that sane and decent people can only sneer at today. There is the Victoria's Secret thing, but I don't know if anyone has been bullied over it.
-- slight night shiver  5/12/2008
The only reason I love this name so much is because its nickname is Tori. That's the name I like.
-- alexandria145  5/21/2008
This is a very regal name. Very royal. My friend is from Russia and has this name but she goes by Vika (Vee-kah). I like this a lot more because Victora is a little too formal for her.
-- drag0n_freak  5/22/2008
Decent but a little pompous.
-- Anonymous User  5/31/2008
I really like this name. It has a regal sound to it.
-- bananarama  7/12/2008
Victoria Mallory, who played Anne Egerman in the original cast of A Little Night Music, shares the name.
-- popular1  9/20/2008
Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, Duchess of Västergötland (Swedish: Kronprinsessan Victoria, Sveriges kronprinsessa, hertiginna av Västergötland, Victoria Ingrid Alice Désirée; born 14 July 1977) is the heiress apparent to the Swedish throne. If she ascends to the throne as expected she will be Sweden's third queen regnant.
-- Anonymous User  9/30/2008
Victoria Jackson is an actress who was on Saturday Night Live from 1986-1992.
-- breakofday  7/17/2009
A city in Texas is named Victoria. It is perhaps one of the most boring ever. With a population approaching 70,000, all it's got for entertainment is a movie theatre and a mall. I live there.
-- Anonymous User  9/19/2009
I love the name Victoria. A fantastic nickname instead of the usual boring Tori or Vicki is Vita. Victoria was the author Vita Sacville-West's name.
-- Anonymous User  11/4/2009
Victoria is a name I've loved since I was a child and a name I'm most likely to name a future daughter if I ever have one. Such a strong yet pretty name. Vita sounds great as a nickname, I'll have to think about that one.
-- AfterDark  2/7/2010
Victoria de Los Angeles, great Spanish soprano.
-- Anonymous User  3/8/2010
My parents almost named me this. If I had been named Victoria, my mom would've initiated "Tori" as a nickname, since she hated the sound of "Vicky." However, in the end they went with Erica--my mom was inspired to do so because of the character Erica Kane on the soap opera "All My Children."
Soap opera connection or no soap opera connection, all I can say is that I'm *glad* they didn't name me Victoria! To me, this name is not only harsh (every syllable feels like it's emphasized), but pretentious as heck--and not because it's Latin (I happen to quite like Latin and Greek feminine names; the male names, not so much), but because it means "victory." To me, that's a pretty heavy meaning to give to your child, and it sounds like you're telling the people you know, "I won the battle for who could give their child the most sophisticated name!"
(For example: the poster who said they named their daughter Victoria because it was a way to show the world their good taste--that is EXACTLY the attitude I'm talking about.)
Any apparent pretentiousness aside--again, this name is quite harsh. If I were to enunciate the name, I feel like I would have to shout it: "*Vik*-TOHR-*ee*-*ah*!" I don't necessarily like Vicky any more than my mom did/does, but to me even Tori sounds harsh, and like I'd have to yell it to say it. If any of the "shouting/yelling" stuff makes any sense, that is.
Wow. I don't think I've ever hated so much on a name that is so universally loved! Except for Ashley. And Taylor, don't like that name either.
-- erb816  7/10/2010
Well, erb816, sounds like you have a case of sour grapes! I guess some people do find good taste to be pretentious... not an attitude I share, but everyone's entitled to an opinion.
-- queenv  8/13/2010
My name is Victoria and I always get compliments on it. I also like it because not very many people are named Victoria. But I always had problems with people calling me "Icky Vicky" and saying "Victoria has a Secret" (Victoria's Secret) but now that I'm 13, I very rarely get any of that anymore.
-- Anonymous User  7/11/2010
My name is Victoria and I go by Tori. I love my name! I have never been called Icky Vicky or had anyone joke about Victoria's Secret, and I only know one other Victoria. Victoria may be regal, but I was named after my grandfather Victor not for royalty or for the meaning.
-- missreader  12/21/2010
I like the name Victoria, it's my first name. I also like the nicknames for Victoria, Vickie and Tory. I think it's a pretty name. With a good meaning victory, victorious.
-- earthangel  3/4/2011
Other nicknames for Victoria are Vickie, Tori, Vita, Ria and Toya, which is the name that Latoya comes from.
-- earthangel  3/6/2011
Victoria- other nicknames are Toria and Vika
Victoria also means triumphant, triumph, victorious, victory.
-- earthangel  3/6/2011
Actress Victoria Principal is a famous bearer. She is best known for her character Pamela Barnes Ewing from the nighttime soap opera t.v. series Dallas, that ran from the late seventies to the early nineties.
-- Anonymous User  7/10/2011
Actress Victoria "Tori" Spelling is a famous bearer.
-- Anonymous User  7/11/2011
Victoria Gotti, daughter of the late Mafia boss, John Gotti.
-- Anonymous User  7/12/2011
I think this name is too 'upper class' for my liking.
-- dizzydoll  7/17/2011
I like Victoria because of it's old fashioned nickname: Violet. One is classic and feminine, the other is adorable and girlish. Great combination.
-- kadycee  8/19/2011
I think this name is pretty. All nicknames for it are ugly too, I'm not fond of Vicky or Tori. But all I can think of when I hear this name is:

"Victoria, why you no tell me your secret?" :)
-- Anonymous User  9/23/2011
I'm Victoria and I love it! It's extremly popular in Ukraine where I come from. Fortunately I never had an "icky" problem or something as I go by Vika. If I lived in an English-speaking country I'd rather be Vicky than Tori! Victoria also sounds great, it makes me feel like a lady!
-- Vikosha  9/24/2011
Victoria Dawn Justice is an American actress.
-- Anonymous User  12/12/2011
Another famous bearer is Victoria Wood, an English comedienne, actress, screenwriter and director.
-- Anonymous User  12/20/2011
I really don't like this name, just because of the harsh sounds in it, and especially because of the nickname Vicky!
-- Anonymous User  1/3/2012
Apparently I have trouble enunciating names, but I always say 'Vic-tore-iya' but with a soft 'c' like in Alice. A friend from high school loved the way I said her name, she said the way I said it was the only reason she didn't change it when she turned 18.

Tory or Violet are my preferred nicknames, anything but Vicky.
-- Cuss10  2/11/2012
Nice, strong name. I associate it with Queen Victoria.
-- Amanda_M87  2/25/2012
A famous bearer is romance novelist Victoria Dahl. Her books are awesome!
-- Anonymous User  2/27/2012
One of my friends is named Victoria. We call her "Tori," "Toria," and "Tor," and she calls herself "Vikki." She and her siblings all have names of famous kings or queens. Kind of a cool theme to naming your kids, I have to admit.
-- Rin_0911  4/8/2012
Victoria Dawn Justice (b. 1993 in Hollywood, Florida) is an American actress and singer.
-- Anonymous User  4/30/2012
Victoria Adelaide Mary Louisa "Vicky" was the oldest daughter of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. She was her father's favourite child. She later married Frederick III, Emperor of Germany. Their oldest son was William II.
-- CarolinW  6/9/2012
Victoria (1868-1935) was also the name of the daughter of King Edward VII of the UK and his wife Alexandra of Denmark. She was named after her grandmother Queen Victoria.
-- CarolinW  6/11/2012
Victoria "Tori" Spelling (b. 1973 in Los Angeles, California) is an American actress.
-- Anonymous User  7/10/2012
Victoria Duffield is a teen singer from British Cloumbia, Canada. She has recently started her career. She released a hit song " Shut Up and Dance."
-- Melys11  12/18/2012
My name is Victoria and I love it. My boyfriend calls me Vicki sometimes but he is the only person I will let call me that. I am Victoria to everyone else as I don't like it shortened. It's a great name :)
-- MissMagical  12/30/2012
Queen Victoria was actually baptized Alexandrina Victoria. Alexandrina was after one of her godparents, Alexander I of Russia, and Victoria after her German mother. She was known only as Victoria from the earliest months of her life.
-- elizabeth hamlet  1/15/2013
My name is Victoria and my middle name is Alexis.
I HATED my name when I was little... it was completely overwhelming trying to spell it as a 4 year old...8 letters. I was so jealous of the other kids who had nice short names.
It has grown on me over the years. I do like my name now, and I am happy it was chosen for me. I do not like any nicknames; I feel like they do the name absolutely no justice. "Vicky" makes me nauseated and I hate "Tory". Both just dumb the name down.
And by the way, I was named after the store, Victoria's Secret... but back when it was classy and elegant. Not the scantily clad and racy version that it is now.
-- VictoriaAlexis  2/10/2013
Victoria is a beautiful state in Australia.
-- MeinNameIstMelissa  6/24/2013
I love this name. I plan to use Victoria Paige for one of my daughters. I have a friend Victoria that goes by Tori and the name fits her perfectly! The only downside to Victoria is the nickname Vicky, but I will NEVER call her that.
-- DestinedAuthor  7/24/2013
I find this name to be a classic name for a woman of any age, although I detest the nicknames Tori/Tory and Vicky/Vicki.
-- Anonymous User  7/25/2013
My 10 month old niece is named Victoria. It's quite a big name, but I think common usage has made it so it's not too over-the-top (sort of like Isabella or Alexander in that respect). None of us really like the nicknames Vicky or Tori, so she will probably be known as Victoria throughout her life. It's elegant, royal, and very girly. A classy name indeed. Hopefully she won't turn out to be a tomboy, haha.
-- Isabel Price  8/12/2013
Omg my sisters name is Victoria lauren too! Shes been called every nickname that you possibly can by Victoria but usually just goes by our last name.
-- rachieface  12/28/2013
Victoria Waterfield was a companion of the Second Doctor in Doctor Who.
-- VoraLundar  6/17/2014
It's not one of my favourites, but it's a pretty name. But I don't like Vicky or Tory. I much prefer Ria as a nickname.
-- Anonymous User  6/25/2014
Victoria has always been irritating and grating to me. I can't quite point to the reason, as it is an indefinite combination of things, but "-tori-" in the middle is a glaringly unappealing sound (which implies that I also do not like Tori as a nickname... even Vicky is better). Victoria is not awful, all things considered, it merely isn't a name I favor. Victoire, though, I like.
-- Francesca  7/4/2014
Victoria Vanguard (also known as Zaizen Touko) is a character in Inazuma Eleven.
-- LoveHeartKawaii  9/26/2014
Victoria Vetri (Born: September 26, 1944), an American model and actress.
-- LoveHeartKawaii  10/20/2014
Victoria Loren "Tori" Kelly is an American singer and songwriter.
-- LoveHeartKawaii  10/22/2014
My name is Victoria and I am quite happy with the name! It's a very strong name, which means victory, and it totally suits me since I am a litigation attorney. It's rare enough that I never really run into other Victorias, but common enough that it is very easy to pronounce and spell, so it never gives me any problems in that respect. I have gotten "ickey vicky" and "Victoria's secret", but overall, I think it's a very beautiful and classic name.
I do find, however, that the media portrayal is very cold, and stuck up since Victoria is often used in movies/tv/books to depict a mean or cold character.
I've never once been called Tori, only my best friend calls me Vicky, and I really hate getting called Vic, because it sounds very harsh and manly.
-- Anonymous User  11/6/2014

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