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The Croatian name is not a variant of Wido or Vitus. It ultimately derives from the Slavic verb "videti" (to see) and is short for names that start with this element. It is also a Serbian name. The name is shared with a Slavic deity Svetovid (meaning Holy Vid, aka Holy Seer). There are many names with "Vid" as an element; Vid, Vidak, Vidan, Vidač, Viden, Videnko, Vidin, Vidisav, Vidislav, Vidić, Vidiša, Vidko, Vidmir, Vido, Vidovan, Vidovdar, Vidoj, Vidoje, Vidojica, Vidojko, Vidolik, Vidoljub, Vidolmil, Vidomir, Vidosav, Vidoslav, Vidoš, Vidran, Vidun, Viduš, Viđan, Viđen.
Anonymous user  1/17/2011
A hero in the Hungarian epic, "Szigeti veszedelem" (Siege of Sziget, telling a tale from the Turkish times), is named Vid. He's a bit of a Croatian Hector. :)
Patria-Sue  3/29/2010
Also a masculine name in Croatia. [noted -ed]
goricar  11/17/2009
Some people think it's a short form of Gvido!
― Anonymous User  10/14/2007

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