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Viktorie is in 21st place in Top 1000 in Czechia. It was borne by 606 little girls (2006-2007).
Maggie_Simpson  9/21/2007
Pronounced "vik-TOR-ee-ye".
Maggie_Simpson  12/27/2007
Actor Jiří Voskovec and Anne Gerlette have a daughter Victorie Waschmann, born 1954.
Maggie_Simpson  2/4/2008
Actors Oldřich Vízner and Vendula Křížová have a daughter Viktorie Víznerová.
Maggie_Simpson  3/14/2008
Czech actors Antonín Procházka and Štěpánka Křesťanová have a daughter Viktorie, born in year 2005.
Meg_Simpson  10/2/2011

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