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Vilma is also a Swedish name. Wilma and Vilma are pronounced the same in Swedish. [noted -ed]
-- Ylva  6/26/2005
Vilma is a trendy name in Sweden since some years back. It exploded when the girl on a long running, popular TV show was called Vilma.
-- Anonymous User  12/16/2005
Also a feminine name in Slovenia.
-- earthnut  7/2/2007
Vilma Bánky (1898-1991), actress.
-- cateyedsnake  8/25/2007
A famous bearer is actress Vilma Cibulková.
-- Karcoolka  2/6/2008
I like this name. It sounds a lot better than Wilma, which I think is hideous.
-- bananarama  7/10/2008
It's also a Croatian name. [noted -ed]
-- goricar  2/2/2011
Very nice, but so overused here in Finland. Maybe in twenty years or so. Hilma could work as an alternative.
-- Louska  10/26/2013
Hungarian pronunciation: VIL-maw.
-- HerculePoirot  9/1/2016

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