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There are some girls called Vincent as well.
Lemonana  6/25/2007
Also Croatian.
Ambiversion  8/9/2015
My impression is a careful one. While looking at the top of the page I noticed ITALIAN is not mentioned. In fact, it is the MOST popular to Italians out of all the ethnicities listed. One must be careful when listing the origins of the name. Most people in America, including myself (Vincent Mascaro), are Italian that use this name. One of the many misconceptions is that articles like this forget that, while most names are anglicized. That being said, stating "Vincent" origin as the listed ethnicities is not necessarily correct.

My parents are examples of naming me VINCENT instead of VINCENZO, which is the same exact name. My parents chose not to use VINCENZO (because I live in America not Italy), but this would have fooled you into thinking I must be something else.

I have researched this countless times in my life and this is one of the only interpretations to leave out the ethnicity that uses the name the most, Italians.
heavin7904  3/10/2018

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