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Famous bearer is Vita Sackville-West, who was a famous author, gardener and a friend of Virginia Woolf. Vita in this case is short for Victoria.
-- Doris  5/12/2005
I personally don't like the name. It sounds too snotty and posh. But that's my opinion. One of Jacqueline Wilson's books, Clean Break, features a character called Vita.
-- Luangi  8/31/2006
Also a girls name in Slovenia.
-- earthnut  7/3/2007
What a strange name. It immediately brings words like 'vital' and 'vitamin' to mind, and it sounds a bit pretentious. It's not even pretty, so why would anyone use it?
-- slight night shiver  5/13/2008
Pronounced VEE-ta.
-- LuzDeTuVida  8/11/2008
Italian for "life".
-- LuzDeTuVida  8/11/2008
I know a Vita. It fits her perfectly because she's full of life. Her parents were inspired by a trip to Italy I believe. I don't like it particulary, but it's a nice meaning.
-- LuzDeTuVida  8/11/2008
La dolce vita - the good life!
-- welovejamesarness  6/19/2009
How could anyone not like a name that means "life?" This is definitely on my short list of girl names. As for pretentious- that's funny. It's just not popular like the Emma and Sophia and that's why none of you like it.
-- Anonymous User  11/29/2009
An awesome nickname for Victoria. Way better than Tori or Vicky.
-- resolutionwritenovel  1/2/2010
It sounds kind of stuffy and mean, and the association with Vita Sackville-West is not a flattering one.
-- bananarama  1/3/2010
I wrote a song called Oh, Vita. Because it meas life. I love the names Vita and Liv for girls because of their meanings. Vita is the name I will give to a daughter if I have one. It's my favorite name ever. I just decided that today.
-- italiannames  3/3/2010
Vita is used in Italian as well. It's especially common in the south of Italy. [noted -ed]
-- bananarama  8/16/2011
Also a Swahili word meaning "wars", "battles".
-- Black_X  2/20/2012
I really like this name as a diminutive of Vittoria. On its own, it's too short.
-- kvpp88  11/3/2014
A famous bearer is Vitalina "Vita" Sidorkina, a Russian model (1994-).
-- Kidwins9  6/21/2016

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