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Viveka is gorgeous but I prefer the spelling Vivica. Vivi is a cute nickname.
Mommy2B  10/4/2006
Will Ferrell's Swedish born wife is named Viveca. It is a common spelling variant, though Viveka is still more popular.
Ylva  10/26/2006
Viveka is also a Hindu concept meaning "discrimination between the real and unreal, between self and non-self, and between permanent and transient."
memomo  9/30/2009
Swedish actress Viveca Lindfors (1920-1995) and African-American actress Vivica A. Fox (1964).
Jamesina  6/10/2010
An interesting spelling!
I prefer Vivica or Viveca much more, but this is quite unique.
whatsinaname  3/28/2011
Means "Beautiful voice" in Russian.
starshine530  11/6/2011
Viveka is one of the four means to salvation in the Hindu religion. Viveka means "Spiritual Discrimination". "Vivekachudamani" is a famous poem in Sanskrit describing the development of Viveka.
Wordgirl  3/7/2014

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