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My step-mother bears the name and it's the perfect name for her. It's so sophisticated, elegant and gorgeous, just like she is. Viviana is an absolutely lovely name and the nickname "Viv" is also super adorable. I'm shocked it's not more popular.
TrinHarris  10/10/2016
Wow, this is a really pretty name! :D.
― Anonymous User  7/4/2014
Over the summer, my Spanish teacher asked us to think of a new name for class. My old name was Ana, but now I'm SO going for Viviana, shortened to Vivi. This is a gorgeous name, and I love it!
blondieboo629  8/2/2011
Viviana is such a beautiful and expressive name. I don't know why Vivianna isn't in the database.
Joy12  4/23/2011
There is the Hungarian name Viviána pronounced Viv-ee-ah-na.
― Anonymous User  11/23/2010
I think Viviana is a very pretty name; but, the name sounds a little snobby to me.
Meadow  7/5/2010
I LOVE the nickname Viv! So pretty! Its my great grandmas name so it makes it even better, its one of my choices to name a daughter.
italiannames  9/6/2009
I LOVE the name Viviana. It's so romantic and soft. I think it's a nice alternative to the ever-popular "Isabella". I'd totally name my daughter this and love the fact it means 'alive' or full of life. The nickname 'Vivi' is really cute too.
Bajafresh  8/22/2008
Pronounced vee-vee-UH-na in Portuguese. It's used here but it's quite uncommon.
mellon.collie  2/3/2008
Viviana is a wonderful alternative to Vivian or Vivienne. It has such a nice sound to it! I always think of a beautiful girl when I hear this name, short and sweet. I pronounce it vi-vi-AH-nah before I knew most pronounced it vee-vee-AH-nah. I still prefer it vi-vi-AH-nah though. :)
― Anonymous User  3/31/2007
What a gorgeous name! Such a lovely meaning also.
nelirosala  10/5/2006

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