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It can also be-wa (harmony), ka (exellent) and na (patience) together. Unfortunately I cannot type the kanji on this silly computer.
reina  7/10/2008
It's a beautiful name to me. Especially the meaning. Harmony and Playing music. That's just beautiful!
riverpizza  9/6/2012
A really rather lovely name. And, not to lessen its beauty as a human name, but henceforth I shall be referring to my acoustic guitar by this name.
MelanieHope  9/15/2012
Wakana Matsumoto is a Japanese actress from Tottori Prefecture. She portrayed Airi Nogami in the tokusatsu drama Kamen Rider Den-O.
cutenose  2/21/2017
Wakana Yamazaki is a Japanese voice actress who works for Aoni Production. She is best known for her role as Ran Mouri in Detective Conan.
lilolaf  4/20/2017

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