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It's safe to say that Wallis Simpson ruined this name, considering her reputation during her lifetime and the fact that the rest of the British Royal Family hated her. I wouldn't recommend it. It would sound horrible on a girl regardless.
Buneary  9/28/2013
I like it as a last name and it would be acceptable as a middle, but I don't like as a first name for either gender.
anonymous111  2/4/2010
This sounds very masculine on women. I don't even like the name Wallace on guys.
slight night shiver  5/13/2008
I'm beginning to like this name. I think that the replacement of the "ace" at the end with an "is" definitely makes the name look more feminine. Some decent nicknames for this name could be Liz or Lisa.
Ouaie  6/14/2007
Jim Wallis is a notable Evangelical in the US. However, he continually eschews political labels and focuses on poverty and peace. He has said, "Jesus didn’t speak at all about homosexuality. There are about 12 verses in the Bible that touch on that question ... [t]here are thousands of verses on poverty. I don’t hear a lot of that conversation."
― Anonymous User  5/9/2007
Can also be pronounced more like Wallace (WAHL-as).
swisssugar  6/1/2006
It's the name of one of Anthony Edwards' (Mark Greene - ER) daughters. His other children are named Bailey (boy), Esme (girl) and Poppy (girl). I love this name. I considered it for our unborn daughter but my husband hates it. :(
― Anonymous User  12/30/2005

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