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I'm kind of shocked that no one mentioned Warren Buffett, who's currently the richest person in the world.
― Anonymous User  8/2/2016
On Wikipedia, there is a Warren Richard Rodwell, a former soldier in the Australian Army, and university English teacher, who was shot through the right hand when seized (2011 - 2013) on the island of Mindanao in the southern Philippines by Abu Sayyaf (ASG) militant terrorists. The ASG threatened to behead Warren if the original ransom demand for $US 2 million was not paid.

The biography "472 Days Captive of the Abu Sayyaf - The Survival of Australian Warren Rodwell" by independent researcher Dr Robert (Bob) East was published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing, United Kingdom (2015). In popular culture, Blue Mountains (Sydney Australia) techno Cowpunk band Mad Cowboy Disease composed, performed and released "Situation Not Normal", a song written by Rodwell, based on his ordeal.
LetThereBeLight  12/23/2015
Warren Gamaliel Harding was the 29th president of the United States of America.
― Anonymous User  12/12/2011
X-Men character Warren Kenneth Worthington the third, also called Angel. Http://
― Anonymous User  7/7/2009
A famous bearer is Warren Mears, a fictional character on the TV show 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'. He was played by Adam Busch.
DestructoGirl  5/17/2009
There is an amazing book/movie called "About Schimidt" whose main character is Warren Schimidt, an retired, somewhat grumpy older man whom learns his purpose in the book/movie.
spaz123  8/7/2007
Warren Jenkin is the bassist from Australian rock band Killing Heidi.
― Anonymous User  4/23/2007
Warren Zevon was a Chicago rock musician best known for the songs "Werewolves of London" and "Lawyers, Guns, and Money." His lyrics tended towards the darkly humorous, and his voice was quite distinctive. Zevon died in 2003 at the age of fifty-six of lung cancer.
WeloveyouJesseLacey  8/22/2006
Warren Harding was the 29th President of the U.S.A.
― Anonymous User  2/28/2006
The famous actor Warren Beatty.
― Anonymous User  12/14/2005

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