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The Swedish form is Vendel, but this is very unusual. The female form Vendela is more common.
― Anonymous User  10/4/2006
The area occupied by the Wenden contains a typographical error. It should be "Oder" after the river, not "Ober" meaning "waiter." [noted -ed]
ememkai  2/27/2010
The tribe name Vandal did originally mean "wanderer", according to
nilamalin  12/8/2010
Wendel L. Clark (born October 25, 1966) is a retired Canadian professional hockey player. He was chosen first overall in the 1985 NHL Entry Draft by the Toronto Maple Leafs, the team he played with on three separate occasions, captaining the team from 1991 to 1994.
sambchop  11/12/2013

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