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PronouncedPron.ve-raw-NYEE-ka Polish

Meaning & History

Polish and Sorbian form of VERONICA.
DiminutiveWera Polish
Other Languages & CulturesBerenice, Berenike, Pherenike Ancient Greek Bernice Biblical Bernike Biblical Greek Bernice Biblical Latin Veronika Bulgarian Veronika Croatian Veronika Czech Veronika Danish Berenice, Bernice, Veronica, Roni, Ronnie English Bérénice, Véronique French Veronika German Veronika Hungarian Berenice, Veronica Italian Veronica Late Roman Veronika Latvian Veronika Lithuanian Veronika Macedonian Veronika Norwegian Verônica Portuguese Veronica Romanian Veronika, Nika Russian Veronika Slovak Veronika Slovene Verónica Spanish Veronika Swedish Veronika Ukrainian
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