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My German exchange host is called Wiebke. Everyone calls her 'Wiebi' (rhymes with phoebe) (said only by the Germans) or 'Wilbert' (said only by us).
RubyTuesday  3/21/2005
Listen to the German pronunciation of Wiebke here:
_satu_  1/3/2007
Wiebke is used as a feminine name in West Frisia (located in The Netherlands) and East & North Frisia (located in Germany), but also here and there in The Netherlands and Germany itself (often by non-Frisian parents that simply have a love for Frisian names).
Lucille  9/19/2010
Wiebke was a notable cyclone in Central Europe in 1990, c.f.
elbowin  6/30/2014

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