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This is the name you give your child if you have a death wish. :)
rain-angel03  9/20/2006
All due respect to this name, but I think of either the alcoholic drink or of a high, obnoxious noise when I see this name.
gaelruadh19  1/18/2007
Oh, wine is a friend.
Kerules  7/24/2009
Wine is just stupid. It makes me think of three things: an alcoholic beverage, whining, and a very sexual dance that rappers always talk about.
bananarama  9/7/2009
Imagine twins: Wine and Tea.
-Julia-  10/23/2009
It is simply pronounced as 'Win'.
Grim  12/27/2009
This name is also used in Frisian, with the exact same meaning ("friend", from Old High German 'wini'). The Frisian pronunciation for Wine is: WEE-nə
Lucille  6/9/2010
A little advice: as it says here that this is pronounced 'win', I beg you, if you are considering this name, to instead consider the Welsh name Wyn. PLEASE.
2angelgoats  4/25/2015

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