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My name is Winifred. I go by Win and Winnie. As a 5 year old, I didn't like my name. Everyone else was a Karen, Stacy, Chrissy, or Linda. As I have gotten older, I have grown into it. I like it. It is different.

I am surprised at how often I say Win over the phone, and my name gets written as Lynn, Gwen, or Nguyen. When it gets spelled Nguyen, there is always confusion when this tall blonde shows up!
Winmarsh  12/6/2015
According to the Oxford Dictionary of First Names, Winfred is a unisex name. I like it for a middle name for a girl, the meaning is lovely.
― Anonymous User  3/26/2013
The main character in Tuck Everlasting, a famous book.
DidiGiraffe  4/10/2012
I have a female ancestor named this, born in 1811 in Georgia, USA.
earthnut  1/20/2010

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