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Winnifred was the name of one of my great grandmothers. I don't think it's a very femonine name, because it has Fred in it.
FairyGirl  7/25/2006
I'm not the biggest fan of the name as itself but the nickname, Winnie, makes it a lot cuter and more bearable.
Dalle Ali Blu  3/16/2007
It's in the book "Castaways of the Flying Dutchman" (I think it was "castaways.") by Brian Jaques. Everyone thought she was a witch so they picked on her.

Winnie the Witch with the wrinkly face,
Come on out and give us a chase!

And she had a cat named Horatio.
― Anonymous User  4/24/2007
Princess Winnifred is the main character in the play/movie Once Upon a Mattress.
Skittsie13  1/25/2008
To be honest my name is Winnifred but every one calls me Winnie, I have to agree that Winnie is much cutter then Winnifred but with the times I realized how special my name was and how rare. Now I know that if WE don't do something to this name it will be a forgotten name, so people who are called Winnifred should be very proud and start (maybe) to name their kids Winnifred.
wbeaune  6/18/2008
This is such a cute little name even without the nickanme Winnie! This is so lovely, rare, this name should be a name of a flower! So sweet but not that well liked because of the Fred part. That's what makes it cuter. Much more unique. I love the name!
riverpizza  9/15/2012
Winnifred is a delightful name, it really is - and I prefer this spelling. Despite still being relatively long, Winifred always looks like it's missing something.
erb816  4/6/2015

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