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Namesakes for Woody
Hall-of-Famers: 1 ice hockey
      (ice hockey) Woody Dumart   1992  
Notable Actors and Actresses: 2 actors
      Woody Allen   1935-  
      Woody Harrelson   1961-  
Notable Athletes: 1 ice hockey
      (ice hockey) Woody Dumart   1916-2001  
Notable Filmmakers: 1 director
      Woody Allen   1935-  
Olympic Medalists: 1 bronze
      (bronze) Lockwood Pirie (a.k.a. Woody)   1948   sailing  
Oscar Award Winners: 1 director
      (director) Woody Allen   1977   Annie Hall  
Title Characters: 1 song
      (song) Woody   1962   Song To Woody