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I have a dog named Xanti. When people read the name on his collar I hear some of the strangest mispronunciations. What is so difficult about zan-tee?
-- Theodore-Lenin  11/28/2008
For some reason, this name sounds to me like a bandit in a western. Maybe I'm thinking of Danti. Huh.
-- welovejamesarness  3/14/2009
This name is so cool and unusual!
-- Anonymous User  7/23/2014
English pronunciation is ZAN-tee.
-- Anonymous User  7/23/2014
Basque pronunciation I believe, would be SHAN-tee. (According to: http://www.forvo.com/word/Xanti/)
-- Anonymous User  7/23/2014
The name of a friend of mine is Santi. His name is a variation of Xanti. Both of them are nicknames for Santiago (James in English).
-- Jake Fax  6/29/2016

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