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This is one of the few modern names I like because a long time ago, I was looking to make up a feminine version of the name Xavier and I made up Xaviah, not knowing that this name or similar names even existed. Then later, I dropped the h from her name. I think it's a good name for a character, but not necessarily for a child.
WritersEye  6/19/2007
I really like the appearance of Xavia written, but I don't like how it sounds (no matter the pronunciation). It is almost as if the speaker has an accent that drops "r"s (which isn't bad-- I just dislike that Xavia resembles it so heavily). Another piece that I find bothersome is that the "X" can altogether get forgotten with the strong sound that -avia makes... Avia is a name that I do not personally care for. Like the first commenter, it could be spectacular on a character.
Francesca  10/15/2013
Ugh, this sounds like the New York Jew/ghetto pronunciation of Xavier. The name is unfeminine and ugly.
slight night shiver  5/13/2008
"Xavia" is a pretty cool song by new band The Submarines.
So Be It  12/5/2008
I love this name! I first heard it in the song by The Submarines (as listed above), and thought the sound was highly melodic, even thought the name started with an (ordinarily harsh) 'x'. It's a modern name that is still quite versatile. I can actually see it on a little girl, and on a full-grown woman.
erb816  12/31/2009
Pronounced eg-ZAY-vee-ah (English), ZAY-vee-ah (English), or HAH-vyah (Spanish).
erb816  1/1/2010
I prefer it as Ex-ay-via over Zay-via.
― Anonymous User  3/2/2010
This is definitely not pronounced "eg-ZAY-vee-ah," because it doesn't start with "E." A name pronounced like that would be spelled "Exavia." (Would that mean "out of Xavia?" Weird.) If that were a correct pronunciation, I could pronounce "xylophone" as "eg-ZAI-lo-fone" or "ek-ZAI-lo-fone." An "X" pronounced as "ex" at the beginning of a word has a hyphen between it and the word, as in "X-ray." The "X" there means unknown, as in a mathematical variable. But it would be confusing and nonsensical to put variables in people's names (also, what kind of meaning is "unknown avia"?) and thus this name is not to be spelled "X-Avia." PLEASE pronounce it as "ZAY-ve-ah." Thanks!
greta-elisif  3/31/2012
My name is Xavia, and yes, I pronounce it eg-zay-vee-uh. I'm glad I don't have a common name though, those really bug me personally.
Xavia  4/25/2014
Well hello everyone, my first name is Xavia, as well as the other girl I saw who bears this name. It really depends on how the parent chooses to pronounce the child's name. I don't mind the fact that I won't get my name confused unless it's with a boy named Xavier in the same class. Sometimes that does happen, but overall everyone says it's a beautiful name.
sun angels love  12/8/2014

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