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My name is Xavia, and yes, I pronounce it eg-zay-vee-uh. I'm glad I don't have a common name though, those really bug me personally.
Xavia  4/25/2014
This is definitely not pronounced "eg-ZAY-vee-ah," because it doesn't start with "E." A name pronounced like that would be spelled "Exavia." (Would that mean "out of Xavia?" Weird.) If that were a correct pronunciation, I could pronounce "xylophone" as "eg-ZAI-lo-fone" or "ek-ZAI-lo-fone." An "X" pronounced as "ex" at the beginning of a word has a hyphen between it and the word, as in "X-ray." The "X" there means unknown, as in a mathematical variable. But it would be confusing and nonsensical to put variables in people's names (also, what kind of meaning is "unknown avia"?) and thus this name is not to be spelled "X-Avia." PLEASE pronounce it as "ZAY-ve-ah." Thanks!
greta-elisif  3/31/2012
Pronounced eg-ZAY-vee-ah (English), ZAY-vee-ah (English), or HAH-vyah (Spanish).
erb816  1/1/2010

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