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Name of the title character in Xena: Warrior Princess.
sodivine  7/26/2005
This name first came into usage in English in 1993, in West Hollywood, California. I invented it for my female Jack Russell Terrier, because she had big eyes and an intergalatic, extra-planetary look about her. Later, a Hollywood TV producer who liked her name used it for the TV program, "Xena, Warrior Princess". Today, it has been chosen as the name of the recently discovered 10th planet.
patraldo  10/2/2005
I think Xena is a beautiful name. A name I would call my child.
jessica22  11/29/2005
Just don't. Will someone please think of the children?
SerasVictoria  7/22/2006
It makes a great nickname or name for a pet. I think anyone who was actually called this by their parents as their real name, though, would be made fun of.
scarletquillraven  2/13/2007
I don't think I would name my child this, but I might name a cat or dog this, as it seems too "pettish", for a child.
Patricia Underwood  2/3/2008
Love love love this name! :) I would like for my kids to have a unique (but not silly) name, and Xena is strong and beautiful. So why not use Xena?!
Katrine  2/27/2008
Oh, I love this name! It's just kind of solid and out there. It reminds me of an ambitious young girl.
Paris44  6/27/2008
This is a great name. I picture a confident brunette who's studying to be a lawyer. And I'd rather be associated with a princess who defends herself than with one who stands there all day looking pretty.
― Anonymous User  9/29/2008
Tacky name that comes from a show that really bothers me.
bananarama  11/25/2008
I love this name, but I think it's best for a dog or cat.
number1212  12/16/2008
It's an interesting name. I would never name my child Xena, but for some reason I wish I knew someone named Xena.
Genevieve_M  4/3/2009
It's a cool name, but seeing as it was most likely created for a TV series, I wouldn't use it.
emmiix3  4/4/2009
Xena could be based on the Russian name Zina, which is a diminutive of Zinaida.
― Anonymous User  7/23/2009
I, personally, really like this name, and would use it. I don't find the association with the 90's program a bad one at all; I rather like the show, and the character was a strong one.
Black_X  7/24/2011
This would look tacky on a real person. I wouldn't recommend it.
Buneary  6/5/2013
The name Xena was given to 51 baby girls born in the US in 2012, ranking relatively low compared to other popular culture names such as Beyonce and Renesmee.
Oohvintage  7/19/2013
When naming a character for the show Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, rather than looking up a preexisting name (see Xenia), the writers took inspiration from the Ancient Greek word ξενος (xenos) meaning "stranger, foreigner" to create a unique sounding name for her.
morganfm  5/11/2016
Unfortunately, my name is Xena. I've always despised it, ever since I was a child; too many references to the TV show. Adults tended to think that my name was "really cool" but my peers did not. I remember this one kid giving me trouble because my name 'didn't match my race' because I'm super white, but whatever. Point is, it sounds cool but not as a name for an actual human being. Don't inflict this name on a child. Also, the name 'Senja' is a nicer alternative and both names come from 'Xenia' :)
― Anonymous User  9/4/2016
A catchy and strong sounding name; I like it. Probably because I liked Xena the warrior princess. But if I were to give the name to my child, I'd alter the spelling (Zeena) to avoid mispronunciation, and I'll compound it with another name. Giving that name alone, I think, may pose challenges to the child and parents as well.
Dream Chaser  3/15/2017
I saw this name in the baby name book my mom had way before the Xena TV show so I am shocked that it doesn't have a direct Greek definition on this site instead of linking it to the tv show and then having to look up Xenia. There is also former tennis star Zina Garrison who was born way before the TV show.
teacup chip  1/16/2018
My name is Xena and I don't care if people bully me or not. I like my name and my personality. In my eyes people bully me because they are jealous of my name. I still like my name and wouldn't change it for the world.
Xatram  4/11/2018

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