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I know several Russian people with this name, and they pronounce it Ks-ey-nee-uh. Somewhat better-sounding in my ears.
Starla-Marie_1993  8/20/2006
Xenia´s pet forms are Xenie, Xenin(k)a, Nina, Xenushe. Pronounced as: "Ksenia".
Karcoolka  3/19/2007
I've known two Greek Xenias and they've both pronounced it Zen-ya.
Pie  11/6/2008
The only Xenia I've ever met was from Spain, and she pronounced it SHEN-ya.
claraelizabethann  6/11/2010
Pronunced "KSEN-yah".
heyyyyyyyyyyyy  1/2/2017
In Greek, pronunced "kse-NEE-ah" and the English pronunciation is "ZEEN-ee-ə".
heyyyyyyyyyyyy  2/13/2017

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