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The Xiang is a river in China. [noted -ed]
wiswina  12/16/2005
Lung-Tien-Xiang is Temeraire's Chinese name in Naomi Novik's Temeraire books. Lung and Tien indicate that he is a dragon, Celestial breed, respectively, while Xiang is the name he is called.
WeloveyouJesseLacey  1/12/2010
No one has said how to pronounce this.. Pinyin can be a bit confusing. I've never heard of the river either. My best guess would be 'Shee-yahng'.
foreverslowly  8/23/2013
The X is pronounced as a SH sound, but be careful to note that the tongue is placed behind the teeth to make this sound. Also, the I+A are blended together to create one syllable.

翔 (xiáng) 祥 (xiáng) 香 (xiāng) 湘 (xiāng)
Xiáng is pronounced like "shyang?". As if you're asking a question - that is the proper tone.
Xiāng is pronounced like "shyang-", with a drawn out "aa" sound.

Listen to the difference here:
Alareshu  10/30/2014

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