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The French form is Chimène, as in the play "Le Cid" by the French playwright Pierre Corneille. In the American film "El Cid" with Charlton Heston, the heroine (played by Sophia Loren) is also called Chimene.
-- Ylva  6/17/2006
It would nowadays be spelt "Jimena." In the Cid's day, it would have been pronounced "Shee-MEN-ah." It would now be pronounced "Khee-MEN-ah or "Hee-MEN-ah."
-- Kosta  6/6/2007
I was watching a Hispanic TV station the other day and noticed that this spelling is indeed sometimes still used today.
-- Kosta  12/26/2007
A dear friend of mine goes by this name, she tells me it is pronounced ZEE-mena.
-- SingingDove114  2/28/2008
Maybe that's how she pronounces it, but that is definitely not the pronunciation in Spanish.
-- Kosta  7/11/2008
Ximena Sarinana is a Mexican singer.
-- LimbicLove  10/17/2008
Ximena is more commonly written Jimena, but I'm glad the original Spanish spelling is still used today. =D And it's still common knowledge that 'x' is the old Spanish letter for today's 'j'. I speak Ladino which is what the Jews from the Iberian Peninsula (Spain, Portugal) speak. Europe's Spanish has changed over the years, unlike Ladino. Ladino is the closest language to Castile's Spanish, the original Spanish. In Ladino, Ximena would be pronounced Shee-meh-nah, the way it was originally pronounced in Castilian.
-- Elianita  12/15/2008
It's not quite accurate to say that "x" is the old letter for "j." The two were both used in old Spanish, but were pronounced differently. "X" was pronounced "sh" and "j" was pronounced like French "j" in "je." (The word "hijo," for example, always had "j," never "x." The two fell together and both became pronounced either like "ch" in "Bach" or like "h" depending on the local accent. "X" was therefore largely abandoned.
-- Kosta  1/14/2009
I love this name since there aren't a lot of real X names out there. This spelling sounds a lot prettier than Jimena, which looks ugly with the "Jim" in it.
-- bananarama  9/3/2009
The Portuguese pronunciation is [shee-MEN-uh]
-- SugarPlumFairy  10/27/2010
Ximena Navarrete (1988-), Mexican model and Miss Universe 2010.
-- CarolinW  1/6/2011
I know a girl with this name, pronounced "sih-meena."
-- LMS  7/12/2014
-- Anonymous User  1/16/2016

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