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The name Xochitl comes from the Aztec. Xochitl was the princess of flowers and art.
moonangels3  5/24/2005
I have know a few girls with this name, only they spelled it "Xochilt".
PVega  10/16/2005
There is a contestant on Flavor of Love (on VH1) with this name. She was nicknamed "Miss Latin" by Flava Flav. She spells it "Xotchitl".
Labonne  1/9/2006
Pronounced SO-chee.
claraelizabethann  8/7/2006
I've met a couple of girls with this name but it's funny because this one time I was making a story and I had to name a charcter who was a snobby girl, so I ask my friend "what name do you think is the most snobbiest?" and he said that it was this one, but still I think it's cool and very Mexican (I'm Mexican!)
― Anonymous User  1/13/2007
I love saying it.
rainxxxgurl  4/17/2007
I see that others pronounce it differently, but I've always pronounced it as so'chul. My nickname is Xochie, pronounced so'chee. There is a new tortilla chip on the market (here in Texas) named Xochitl, but pronounced so'shee.
xochitlita  5/24/2007
This name is meant to be pronounced Ho-chee-tl; not So-chee or So-shee.
― Anonymous User  7/16/2007
I have only ever heard this name pronounced Zo-Cheel (Zo as pronounced like the Z-O in Zoe. Cheel is pronounced to rhyme with feel).
LMS  11/23/2008
Cool name. The proper Nahuatl pronunciation is shoh-cheetl, but it's still acceptable to pronounce it so-chee, zo-chee, or ho-chee.
Ouaie  12/16/2008
Some other pronunciations include so-cheel, zo-cheel, ho-cheel, and so on.
Ouaie  12/16/2008
I read the word “Xochitl” comes from the Nahuatl stem "xotla" which means "to catch fire; to bloom, blossom". I think it's interesting how Xochitl has a second meaning (like Daisy also means "day's eye"). I love this name! It's beautiful. Xochitl sounds gorgeous and soft, and the meaning is so pretty. And the spelling is awesome. :) It looks very exotic to me. I think Xochitl and Ixchel would be perfect names for twin sisters. I know they aren’t from the same language, but in my mind, they seem to go together.
― Anonymous User  7/9/2009
This name is very pretty. A lot of native names in Latin America are lovely. And it's a legit name starting with X - an added bonus!
bananarama  5/9/2010
Although BtN had listed this name as Spanish as well as Native American, the reader should note that its usage is largely confined to Mexico (which makes sense as it is a Nahuatl name, Nahuatl being one of the indigenous languages of Mexico). It is virtually not used in Spain at all. According to sources only 24 women in Spain are called Xochitl, including immigrants from other countries, meaning the name is exceedingly uncommon. Perhaps the editor of this website should list Xochitl under "Spanish (Latin American)" as that would more accurately describe its usage. [noted -ed]
― Anonymous User  7/5/2012
At first I hated my name but now I am proud of it because it is a special name with a great significance.
xmm  8/14/2013
It should be SHOH-chit'l in Nahuatl, but I've heard that it is commonly pronounced SOH-chee ZOH-chee, SOH-cheel, etc.
SimoneKadele  8/27/2015
My second name is Xochilt (pronounced mostly Zo-shee-lt). Even though I find it pretty now, it wasn't always the case. It was pretty tough when I was younger. Both amognst Canadian and French kids, but also amongst Latin kids... It was hard to the point where I refused to use it and said only my first name!
Cxl  2/19/2016
The name Xochitl was given to 95 girls born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/13/2016
Lol every single time I go to class they say my name wrong, even the teachers. By the way, my name is Xochitl.
Sushi  8/25/2016
Pronounced "so-cheel"
Nicknames can be "soch" or "so-chee"
Very unique and easy to remember name
Some girls in California have this name, including me.
xochitlann  9/5/2016
I've had this name my entire life, and I absolutely hate it. I've been teased about it, no one can pronounce it, and the worst part is, I'm extremely pale, even though my family is Mexican, So people think I'm a white girl with a Mexican name.
Kittlez  1/13/2017
My parents spelled it Xochitl. But on my birth certificate it was misspelled XOCHIL. We never bothered to correct it. I have 3 older brothers and am the only girl, so my grandfather wanted a unique and special name. Growing up my parents would always make sure that I knew what a unique name I have and they also wanted to make sure people would pronounce it correctly. Till this day when I meet new people and they cannot pronounce my name right I tell them to please call me by my nickname (xoch). I've always loved my name just because it is so beautiful and rare.
― Anonymous User  4/17/2018

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