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Pronounced "so-cheel"
Nicknames can be "soch" or "so-chee"
Very unique and easy to remember name
Some girls in California have this name, including me.
xochitlann  9/5/2016
It should be SHOH-chit'l in Nahuatl, but I've heard that it is commonly pronounced SOH-chee ZOH-chee, SOH-cheel, etc.
SimoneKadele  8/27/2015
Cool name. The proper Nahuatl pronunciation is shoh-cheetl, but it's still acceptable to pronounce it so-chee, zo-chee, or ho-chee.
Ouaie  12/16/2008
Some other pronunciations include so-cheel, zo-cheel, ho-cheel, and so on.
Ouaie  12/16/2008
I have only ever heard this name pronounced Zo-Cheel (Zo as pronounced like the Z-O in Zoe. Cheel is pronounced to rhyme with feel).
LMS  11/23/2008
This name is meant to be pronounced Ho-chee-tl; not So-chee or So-shee.
― Anonymous User  7/16/2007
I see that others pronounce it differently, but I've always pronounced it as so'chul. My nickname is Xochie, pronounced so'chee. There is a new tortilla chip on the market (here in Texas) named Xochitl, but pronounced so'shee.
xochitlita  5/24/2007
Pronounced SO-chee.
claraelizabethann  8/7/2006

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