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Pronounced YAH-mə-nə. I like it a lot. In India I met an amazing little girl named Yamuna.
― Anonymous User  9/10/2009
Actually, it is probably more like YAH-mə-nah. (YAH-mə-nə is my clumsy American pronunciation.) Sometimes sounds like YAHM-nah or YUM-nah.
― Anonymous User  9/10/2009
Yamuna is an Indian actress predominately appeared in Telugu films in 1990's. She appeared in award winning films like Mamagaru, Mouna Poratam, and Yerra Mandaram. After having a career with films, she also acted in TV serials. In 2011 police arrested her in a prostitution case, however she denied such claims.
lilolaf  2/8/2017

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