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This name is also quite popular in Russia and Ukraine.
-- Elfstone  2/3/2006
This name sounds very light and bright to me, and also it is not really Russian, I know, because I am, however it is more Latvian or Lituanian to me. However I like this name, the only problem is for me the spelling of the word and everyone always questions how to pronounce it? It gets mixes up with Jenna.
-- Sincerely  12/20/2007
Pretty name in my opinion.
-- 77naida  10/1/2008
I think Yana is a beautiful name. I think Yana Rose would be a nice combo. I also like the name spelled Yanna as well.
-- Anonymous User  2/24/2009
I would use this as a nickname for Ilyana, Elyana, Eliana, Ileana or Iliana.
-- megi99  1/31/2011
The name Yana was given to 72 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
-- Oohvintage  7/18/2013
I much prefer the beautiful Japanese girl name Yuna. Though I sort of get the appeal of the name Yana.
-- Anonymous User  3/6/2015
90 girls were given Yana in America in 2014.
-- cutenose  2/22/2016
Yana Rudkovskaya is a Russian record producer. She is the wife of figure skater Evgeni Plushenko.
-- Buneary  5/23/2016
Yana Toboso is a Japanese manga artist born in Warabi, Saitama Prefecture, Japan and currently resides in Yokohama.
-- lilolaf  2/14/2017

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